Product review of Orvis Hydros SL Reel

Product review of Orvis Hydros SL Reel.

Got to river test the new Orvis Hydros SL II reel this week on the Eagle river. March here is a good time to test a new reel. The fish are big and they have a ton of fight in them right now, so I had fun playing with my new toy.  Now that I have had the chance to get my fish slimed hands on one and fished with it, I can say that the new Orvis Hydros SL reel is all its been built up to be.  By built I mean built like a brick YOU KNOW WHAT! I could tell by just picking it up the first time that there is no lack of substance to this reel. The Hydros does weigh in at about 1 oz. more than the comparable line weight in the Access reel. The SL in the name implies that the arbor is Super large. That ability to get line back on the reel quicker can be a real benefit to landing larger fish as well as for the angler who feels the need to be on the reel. I can’t wait to use it in a Saltwater environment. Most likely I will get a chance to really put it to the test when I go pike fishing later this Spring. The fully sealed drag system which has become the norm with Orvis’s higher end reels is a functional as it is easy to maintain. The positive clicking drag adjustment is a great feature too. I have a great Bone fishing story related to that, but for another time. As a guide I have come to rely on large arbor reels with rookie Fly fishers who’s first reaction is to go to the reel. I can see where it might be worth it to invest in a couple for my client rods too.  But it’s the price point that got me!  As a dealer I have to keep checking that it’s not a misprint on the Orvis website or in the catalogue. like the recon rod I have this reel on I think it maybe underpriced.  Once again Orvis really did a heck of a job with this new Hydros reel, not only with the performance but it just looks fishy. $189.00-$259.00.

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