Fly Fishing Rods

Most people equate a Fly-fishing rod with only Trout, however you can fish for virtually every species of fish on the planet with a fly rod. I always tell anglers that your first Smallmouth Bass on the fly is a life-altering event. At its most basic, fly fishing equipment includes a fly rod, fly reel, and fly line. All these go hand-in-hand and complement each other.

You look at Fly rods a lot like a Golf club or a Tennis racquet. The rod you choose has everything to do with what you are trying to catch with it. The difference between a traditional fishing rod and a Fly-fishing rod is that a “Spinning rod” is designed to cast the weight of a lure or bait. A Fly rod is designed to cast the line not the fly, since a fly can have little to almost no weight to it, with the line being the weight in many cases. That’s why you will notice that Fly rods tend to be longer and have much more flex, especially in the tip section.

Fly rods are also extremely accurate in the hands of an accomplished angler. Sometimes, a species like a Bonefish or Permit requires a cast of over 60 feet and you need to land your fly in an area the size of a dinner plate for the fish to see it. Or a Trout that is holding only inches from an undercut bank won’t move laterally for your fly, so it needs to be cast in an exact location from 20 feet or more.

How Do I Choose a Fly Rod?

Before choosing the best fly fishing rods for you, you must first establish what type of fish you want to catch. The size and length of your fly rod depend on the fish. Larger and heavier fish require sturdier rods. Smaller fish require more accurate and delicate rods that focus on gentleness and precision. Fly rods are made from many different types of materials, too.

Before the evolution of graphite, rods were mostly made from split-cane bamboo. Bamboo rods are still made today as mostly an artisan type rod and are generally $1,000’s. An older Bamboo rod in original condition can fetch $10,000’s at an auction or at a show. But many of today’s modern Fly rods are made from extremely lightweight composite materials like thermoplastic resins, that have high strength-to-weight ratios.

What Is the Best Size Fly Rod For Me?

An easy rule of thumb is, the bigger the fish the bigger the rod.

Fly fishing rods are usually numbered from 1 to 14. The most common fly rod sizes are those between 3 and 9. Smaller rods are perfect for shallow waters and smaller fish, while larger sizes will be great if you plan on fishing for larger fish.

For small stream angling, you may prefer a size 6’ to 7’ fly rod for the better handling, maneuvering, and fishing these sizes provide. Most anglers choose rods that are 7 to 9’, which are adaptable to most fishing circumstances. Spey casting rods for larger river Salmon species are 2 handed and can be as long as 14’.

More recently the evolution of European or Competition fly-fishing has seen the length of smaller 2-4 weight rods become 10’ to 12’.

Size 14 rods are quite rare and normally only used in the open sea for big fish like tuna.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Fly Rod

The Method that You Are Going to Fish

Especially when it comes to fishing for Trout, anglers have four choices to present flies:

  • Nymphs imitate the larva or pupa stage of insects living on the bottom of the river.
  • Emerging insects are the pre-adult stage and may lie just below the surface of the water.
  • Adults or Duns are sitting on the surface waiting for their wings to form so they can fly away, or lie on the water laying eggs.
  • The last is what we call Steamer fishing, where we are using flies that imitate smaller trout or other types of smaller forage fish that live in mostly every river or lake that trot inhabit.

Fishing with small dry flies is best with a 3-5 weight rod, whereas fishing Nymphs or steamers might be best with a 5-7 weight rod.

What Flex Rod Do I Need?

Fly rods come in different flex types. These are fast, medium, and slow, which are basically terms that describe how the rod bends and flexes. These will sometimes also be referred to as tip flex (fast), mid-flex (medium), and full-flex (slow). When choosing the right fly rod to get started, some key differences need to be understood before purchasing:

  • Tip-flex rod or fast action is designed to start the casting motion with more speed. Therefore, it also helps to cast into the wind easier, cast heavier flies like Streamers, or roll-cast a double Nymph rig that has added weights and a Strike indicator. The one drawback to fast action rods is that there is less sensitivity in the rod, so fighting fish and hook setting can be an issue. When using lighter tippets there is a higher risk of breaking off fish or snapping off flies.
  • Mid-Flex rods are often the best rods for someone new to fly-fishing because they are more forgiving. You can achieve all your needs with a Mid-flex rod and they are much easier to learn to cast. They are also more sensitive when fighting fish, in that you are less likely to break off fish, especially when using lighter tippets. While they tend to land the flies on the water more delicately, they can still roll-cast a multiple fly nymph rig fairly easily. When setting the hook, they are less likely to snap off flies. The drawbacks are that they don’t cast as well in windy conditions and are not as effective when casting large Streamers.
  • Full-Flex Fly rods have more specific uses in Fly-fishing. Most often, Full-flex rods tend to be on the smaller weight end of the spectrum—1-3 weights. They are usually best when fishing nothing but dry flies and are very good at very delicate presentations. Fiberglass was once a primary component of all fly rods, but the slow action is now geared to more “Creeking Rods”. They are very soft when it comes to using very light tippets.

They can also make a 12-inch Trout feel like a 50-pound Tarpon. Many anglers have at least one “Creeking Rod” in their arsenal once they see the fun in fishing with them.

Fly Fishing Outfitters Offer a Wide Selection of Fly Rods

Your rod should be a pleasure to hold and accurate when casting. Delicacy and finesse are characteristics of the finest fly fishing rods.

We cater to every need, from the best fly fishing rods for beginners to professional rods. Find here your Orvis Fly rods, Redington Fly Rods, Temple Fork Outfitters, Freshwater Fly Rods, and Saltwater Fly Rods. Our brand selection extends from budget-friendly yet quality rods to the Orvis Bamboo Fly Rod, which is perfect for Orvis fly fishing thanks to its exceptional flexibility, balanced touch, and quality finish.

Visit our online shop and find fly fishing rods that have been crafted with perfect craftsmanship and total dedication to the sport.

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  • Orvis Helios 3D 4-P


    If you’re looking for a high-performance rod that not only excels at precision casting, but is also designed for power and distance, the Orvis Helios 3D is a great choice. Designed and manufactured to Orvis industry leading standards, 3D rods can be used in a variety of versatile situations. The 3D Helios is a fast action rod that launches with more power, but still targets casting precision. The rod is available in the range of 4 to 12 wt, and is a durable and stiffer rod.

  • Orvis Helios 3F 4-P


    The Orvis Helios 3F Series is a lightweight, dynamic and precise flagship fly rod of the Orvis fly rod series. Orvis has packed many technological advancements into the Orvis helios 3f fly rod that makes them highly versatile and able to offer outstanding performance. It’s a bit heavier than the smallest 3wt (as expected), but that’s partly because of the extra 25cm in length. This rod is ideal for out-of-country expeditions, fishing for small rivers, and dry flies. Here are the main features of the Orvis Helios 3F fly rod:

    • Green accent wrap
    • Matte Storm blank
    • Black/gray main wraps
    • SiC/titanium stripping guides
    • REC recoil snake guides
    • Made in US Aluminum rod tube
  • Orvis Recon Freshwater Rod

    Orvis Recon Freshwater Rod


    The Orvis Recon Rods are for the anglers who chase the lunkers in the day and spend their nights plotting out new lake adventures. For those of us that would rather be fishing than working at a desk all day long, we have designed this rod to work hard all day so there is no need to go back home early!

    The Orvis Recon Rods teams high-performance feel with lightness in hand. With close-in loading ability and the power for longer reach, the rods feature a modern shadow green blank and covert black nickel hardware.

    Proudly made in the USA by people who love fishing as much as you do.

    • Superior High-performance tapers
    • Improved, unsanded ferrule design
    • Lightest-weight rod in its class
    • U.S.-made nylon covered rod tube
  • Orvis Recon Saltwater Rod

    Orvis Recon Saltwater Rod


    The new Orvis Recon Rods are designed for the anglers who chase blue lines on topo maps and spend their nights bent over maps, plotting the next day’s adventures.

    For those who manage riverside meals of granola bars and jerky paired with the evening hatch instead of a sit-down meal at a sane hour, The Orvis Recon Rod is perfect for you. For anglers who would rather spend the day in the front of a skiff than behind a desk, we’ve created a rod ready to work as hard as you do in the pursuit of fish.

    The Orvis Recon Rods teams high-performance feel with lightness in hand. With close-in loading ability and the power for longer reach, the rods feature a modern shadow green blank and covert black nickel hardware.

    Proudly made in the USA by people who love fishing as much as you do.

    • Superior High-performance tapers
    • Improved, unsanded ferrule design
    • Lightest-weight rod in its class
    • U.S.-made nylon covered rod tube
  • Predator Fly Fishing Rod | Lifetime Warranty | Fly Fishing Outfitters

    Redington Predator Fly Rod


    The Redington Predator is one of the best fly rods available in the market. It is a fast action fly rod that produces sufficient power to combat large fish. Also, you can use it to cast and pick up heavy lines and large flies. The rod performs equally well in saltwater and freshwater locations. The Redington Predator is available in two lengths and in three weight options. You can choose a Redington Predator Fly Rod as suitable to your requirements. Here are some features of the Redington Predator Fly Rod.

    • Fast action fly fishing rod
    • Dialed balance for responsive casting and lightweight feel
    • Durable tube with built in rod dividers.
    • Epoxy Coated Section tips
    • Alignment dots for easy set up
  • TFO Axiom 2-X Rod 4-P Blue W/Case


    The Axiom II is a fly rod for everyone. It can be used in a wide range of fishing scenarios. With multiple rod models ranging from 5 to 12 weights, this series has a rod for almost any fishing situation. The 8wt is designed for freshwater and saltwater anglers looking for a well-rounded rod with presentation based casting ability and solid close range accuracy. The TFO Axiom II fly rod weighs only 3.81oz and a swing weight of 81gm2. The Axiom II is one of the lightest 8wt rods on the market. Anglers can feel its light weight while casting, which is ideal for anglers who fish for a few days on water.

  • TFO Axiom A-2 Rod 4-P Green


    The TFO AXIOM II-X fly fishing rod is a perfect combination of power and performance. It is designed to use heavy lines and large flies. The rod is released as a streamer stick, but it is more than a streamer stick. The TFO AXIOM II-X has a great aesthetic appeal and offers high performance on fishing destinations. It comes with an anodized aluminum reel seat that makes it safe to use in saltwater. In addition, there are alignment dots and recoil stripping guides that minimize friction and help anglers to shoot easily.

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    TFO Black Lable Rod 4-P


    TFO Black Lable Rod 4-P

  • TFO NXT Black Label Kits


    The TFO NXT Black label is an affordable fly fishing kit for beginners and anglers. The kit is available only in 5 and 8 wt configurations. The TFO NXT Black Label Lit allows casters their pick of sea or river to boast medium to fast action for novices as well as experts. The kit includes a fly line, tapered leader, and a rod so that the newbies don’t need to hem or haw over details. Simply having the TFO NXT kit allows beginners to get to a fishing location and start casting immediately. Here are the main features of this TFO nxt kit.

    • A high-performance fishing kit
    • Durable reconstituted cork will last you many a fishing trip
    • Anodized and chromium-impregnated materials can handle saltwater
    • Medium-fast action provides a forgiving, tip-focused cast
    • Includes a 5wt and 8wt rod