30 Years of Fly Fishing Experience

Our guides are the reason we are celebrating 30 years in business.

Our Orvis-Endorsed personable, knowledgeable, and professional guide staff are the most experienced in the Vail Valley with a combined 300+ years guiding on local waters. No other outfitter in the valley can say that!

Our guides closely monitor river flows, water clarity, and movement of bug hatches to put you where the fish are biting best. This makes them the best teachers for any of our clinics and schools, but especially our Orvis Fly Fishing School!

Several of our guides have been with us since day one. These folks know the waters we fish like the back of their hand.

35+ guides on staff in the peak season; 20+ certified rowing guides for float trips.

What Makes Our Fly Fishing Guides Special?

Fly-fishing isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion. That is why our guides have been here so long. We train all potential guides in a guide school curriculum that we developed and refined over the past 25 years. All new guides, regardless of Fly-fishing experience, must complete this week-long school before they are able to work for us. Being a great guide isn’t just knowing how to catch fish. Being a great guide is about understanding a client’s expectations and skill level to create the best experience possible, while being patient and inspiring. From the complete novice to the seasoned angler, we want to make your day on the water as enjoyable as possible. Almost all of us grew up fishing with a parent or family friend and we want to pass that on to you and your family.

Meet our Guides

Amber Leach

Amber is a River Guide and professional writer who loves to write about fly fishing, outdoor recreation, and topics in leadership, across all niches. she has been with Fly Fishing Outfitters for over a year now and loves to help others explore their passion for fly fishing.
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Bill Anderson

My name is Bill Anderson and I’m a River Guide/Orvis Casting Instructor. I have been with Fly Fishing Outfitters for one year now. I am originally from upstate New York but have lived in the mountains of Colorado for over 35 years.
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Christian Bower

My name is Christian Bower. I have been a Fly Fishing Guide with Fly Fishing Outfitters for five years now. I enjoy sharing the wonderful places we get to recreate in, in addition to teaching how to respect and appreciate these places that are so special.
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Dan Houck

My name is Dan Houck and I have been a Fly Fishing Guide with Fly Fishing Outfitters for 20 years now. I’m originally from Lake St. Clair Michigan and have lived in the Eagle Valley for 21 years.
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Darryl Dagen

My name is Darryl Dagen and I have been a Fly Fishing Guide with Fly Fishing Outfitters for the past 17 years. I am passionate about inspiring clients to learn all the reasons for loving, not just the sport of flyfishing itself, but also the fish themselves and the importance of cherishing the environment they live in.
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Howard Leavitt

My name is Howard Leavitt and I’ve been a River Guide with Fly Fishing Outfitters for 15 years. I’m originally from Connecticut but have been in the Vail Valley for 47 years.
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Jacob Beasley

My name is Jacob Beasley and I’ve been a Fly Fishing Guide with Fly Fishing Outfitters for 4 years. My goal in life was to make work something I didn’t hate to show up for, so I decided to take people fishing for a living, as fishing and hunting are my passions.
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John Byron

My name is John Byron and I’ve been fly fishing for 50 years now In fact, I’ve been with Fly Fishing Outfitters since 1993 and was part of the original group of guides that started FFO.
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Joseph King

My name is Joseph King and I’m an Orvis Fly Fishing Guide and Instructor. I’ve worked for Fly Fishing Outfitters long enough to know that bananas have no place on a boat. Some lessons are learned the hard way!
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Kip Wolcott

My name is Kip Wolcott and I’ve been fly fishing for 51 years. I’m originally from Aspen Colorado but have been in the Vail Valley for 30+ years now, 23 of which I have spent with Fly Fishing Outfitters. In this time, I have guided over 3000 trips.
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Matt Fletcher

My name is Matt Fletcher, aka “Fletch.” I grew up in Northern Wisconsin chasing Bass, Panfish, Trout, and anything else that would put up a fight. I moved West after college in hopes of becoming a professional ski bum, 18 years later… mission accomplished!
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Kelly Bobye

What are you most passionate about professionally? Sharing my love for fly-fishing by teaching others how to love it too. Personally? My family. What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it? Fly-fish all over the world

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