Mike Haycock - Fly Fishing Outfitters Guide
Howard Leavitt
Mike Haycock

River Guide

Mike is new to Fly Fishing Outfitters this year. With him comes a contagious passion for all things “river life.” Mike’s favorite thing to do is to be on his raft on the river. Living in Denver for the past 10 years, he recently moved to the Mountains. He grew up in Wyoming, camping and fishing on the North Platte River near Saratoga. The Platte Valley Wilderness area (which a recent forest fire in Wyoming devastated) was Mike’s favorite place to go as a youth.

He has previously worked as a children’s fly-fishing instructor and guide. He has also been a guide for a small company in Rocky Mountain National Park (thanks, John Muir!!) for multiple years. He is very patient and sometimes a little goofy. One thing is for sure, if he is on the river, he is having fun! Mike is also a children’s ski & snowboard instructor in the winter (Pizza!! French Fry!!!) Rafting and fishing are his life, and he loves sharing his passions with other people, especially children.

Nymph fishing is his specialty; however, he is a great all-around angler and expert knot un-tangler. Always wanting to learn about new techniques, Mike is out there trying new skills to catch fish in Colorado to pass along to his clients eventually. Mike is great with anyone brand new to fly fishing and can help improve anyone, no matter their experience. One of his favorite things to do is help turn on the “lightbulbs” for people or help them achieve that “AH-HA” moment where things start to click. He would love to help flip on the love of fly-fishing light in as many people as possible.

Mike’s new obsession is Streamer fishing from his raft and learning about Predator (the biggest 5% of fish in the river system) behavior. Using full sinking line and articulated “swimming” streamers. He has been obsessed with the tactics and gear used to fish streamers to get those aggressive visual eats. You’ll find one of Kelly Galloup designed Dungeons or any modified version on the end of his line. Mike is an “Orvis” guy and jokes that he is pretty much a walking catalog at any given time. If he had to choose a setup, he would throw on a white or natural dungeon to the end of his 6wt Recon rod. Mike’s raft frame is custom-made and an ideal setup to throw streamers from, with a robust lean bar and steel floor for each angler.

Some of Mike’s favorite gear: Orvis Recon rods. Orvis Hydros reels. Orvis Trout Pro line. Fishpond Nomad Nets and Tacky Fly Boxes. Orvis Mirage for technical nymphing. NRS .5mm hydro skin neoprene socks.

Some of Mike’s favorite flies: Guides Choice Hares ear, Frenchie, Manhattan Midge, Pats rubber legs, Shot Glass Baetis, Royal Wulff, mini–Hippie Stompers, PMX

Streamer Gear: Maxima line, Airflo Streamer Max Long 200 grain line. 6 or 7 wt. Orvis Recon rods. White or black/purple dungeon with lots of flash.