You have your rod, reel, line, flies, as well as waders and wading boots, and you feel ready to cast your line and catch trout. After all, you have all your basic equipment, so what more do you need?

What about fly fishing accessories, though? If you want to take your fly fishing excursions a step further, you can invest in accessories that will make fly fishing easier and more enjoyable.

When you stand in the middle of a river, you need to stand as still as possible, or you will spook the fish. Inevitably, your movements are limited, as you are holding your line and casting it. What happens when you catch a fish, though?

To remove hooks from fish or cut your tippet, you need to have the proper equipment that makes things easy and quick. That’s where fly fishing accessories come in handy.

What Sort of Fly Fishing Accessories Are There?

Cool fly fishing accessories are fun. But that’s what we’re talking about. The best fly fishing accessories are not about how you look but about making your life easier and your hobby more enjoyable. As you become an expert at fly fishing, you will realize that there are some essential fly fishing accessories that can help develop your skill and maximize the fun.


You might think we are getting ahead of ourselves believing that we need a net when we haven’t even caught our first trout yet.  A decent landing net is essential to actually safely landing and releasing fish.  Without a net you don’t really have a good way to handle and remove the hook.  Grabbing your line above the fish will often create so much tension on the line that it will either snapp and you lose the fish and your fly.  Or the fish will thrash around and unhook itself and that thigh line will make the fly go right into your hand(OUCH!) A net helps to protect the trout from being handled or dragged up on the bank.

NOTE: Trout have skin, not scales.  Their skin is protected by a slimy coating, that coating protects them from diseases.  By handling a trout with dry hands you are essentially going to slowly kill them.  Always handle Trout with wet hands if you must.

Wading Staff

A Wading staff is a very essential piece of equipment in most western rivers. The bottom of the rivers or streams are almost always rocks, boulders and other debris that maybe you can’t see. Think of a staff as a third leg when you need it. Wading in rivers is sooooooo much easier and safer with a staff, no matter your age or physical ability. Falling down in the river is no fun. Wading staffs are available in many different styles and can easily be attached to your wading belt with a tether or even a simple bungee strap.

Wading Belt

Wading belts are good for a number of reasons. First of all a good wading belt will keep water from filling up your waders if you should fall in or wade too deep. Nowadays wading belts are made to serve more than just to keep water out of your waders. Most wading belts now come with a net holder in the back for your longer handled nets that have become so popular. Quick access to your net is essential. Wading belts also have many places where you can attach small packs with your flies, leader/tippets, tools and much more. Fishpond has great Wading belt systems that can make your day just that much more pleasant.


Clamps/Forceps help you remove hooks from fish, crush barbs, cut your tippet, open and close split shots, tie knots, and more. Knowing what tasks you regularly perform stream-side will help you select the clamp(s) that best suit your angling needs. By using clamps/forceps to and a net you don’t have to physically handle fish. Trout especially should not be handled at all if possible.

Fly fishing aficionados can be particular about their fly fishing clamps. Some like them long, others prefer them short. Some choose straight clamps while others opt for curved ones. Once you have your chosen clamps, you will likely stick to them and no fly fishing trip will be complete without your clamps in your bag. You will also find clamps that are coated in titanium to withstand salt water.


Nippers are like nail clippers. They cut tag ends and strands of line and tippet and help you with hooks.

Quality fly fishing nippers should be non-slip for better grip and made of stainless steel to weather humidity.


If you are fly fishing with nymphs that sink in the water, you want to know whether fish have taken the bait. The easiest way is to attach an indicator to your fly line. When you catch your fish, the indicator will start wiggling.

Indicators are made of different materials that float on water, such as foam, cork, or yarn. There are many types of indicators, so ask a pro which ones are best for your fishing conditions.


If you want to carry all your accessories in a tidy fashion, you need a lanyard. Quality lanyards are perfect for docking your tools and equipment and will not stand in your way when you cast your line. Lanyards have clips and other smart docking options for your fly fishing tools, accessories, and equipment. They will hold your tools in place and keep them easily accessible when you need them. For instance, if you want to have quick access to your flies to attach them to your fly line and cast, then you need to place them in your lanyard.

Lanyards are made in such a way that they don’t swing when you move. This way, they will not impede your fly fishing. Instead of looking into your pockets and losing flies and fly lines, keep everything well organized and close at hand.

You can also buy a loaded lanyard. For example, this loaded Orvis lanyard comes with Comfy Grip Forceps, Comfy Grip Nippers, Hyflote Gel, Floatant Holder, Tippet Bar, and 3 spools of 30m SuperStrong Plus Tippet.

Fly Floatant

You want your dry flies to float on the water. To make sure they float perfectly, you can coat them in a fly floatant material that prevents your dry flies form sinking

Tippet Holder

Your fly is attached to the tippet. A tippet is an almost invisible filament placed at the end of the line, where you attach the fly. Because of your tippet’s light weight, the fly swims and floats in a more natural way to perfectly mimic the gentle and genuine movement of bugs and insects.

A tippet holder will hold on to your tippet dispensers and prevent them from getting tangled. Whenever you need a tippet to add to your line, you don’t need to look frantically into your pockets: your tippet holder has them all.


When you need to attach things to your vest, you need zingers. Wire cord zingers attach to your vest without making holes and help you hang tools and keep your accessories close at hand. You won’t need to search in pockets and backpacks: you only need your zingers and you have everything you want at close proximity.

Fly Fishing Accessories Will Make Your Life Easier

The more you get into fly fishing, the more you will want to invest in accessories to make your sport even more enjoyable. Even so, you don’t need to over-accessorize your fly fishing expedition. You only need to invest in essential fly fishing accessories that will make your fly fishing easier and more effective.

Fly fishing accessories have been developed by experts who understand how they can improve the fly fishing experience. From clamps and nippers to lanyards and zingers, invest in the best fly fishing accessories from specialized companies like Orvis and Umpqua and take your fly fishing experience to the next level!

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  • dr slick mitten clamp

    Dr Slick Mitten/Scissor Clamp



    In 1989, the DR. SLICK COMPANY was founded by a surgeon with the sole purpose of creating the highest quality fishing and fly tying tools available.  Designed by fishermen, for fishermen, you’ll find innovative and unique tools to suit your tying and angling needs.

    To this day, we continue to lead the industry in quality and innovation.  Each DR. SLICK instrument we produce undergoes a 6-step inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible, and each instrument carries our logo on it to guarantee that it is the best we have to offer.

    If you want precision tools made to last, you’ll want DR. SLICK.

    The Dr. Slick Mitten Scissor Are great when wearing gloves during colder weather or if you just have fat fingers.  Dr. Slick clamps are Same basic concept as the mitten clamps, but with a serrated scissor mounted behind the jaws. This addition allows for cutting tippet/leader material, trimming flies streamside or opening that pesky bag of jerky. Comes spring-loaded, and with wrist lanyard attached.

  • DR.SLICK Crossfire Mitten Scissor Clamp


    In 1989, the DR. SLICK COMPANY was founded by a surgeon with the sole purpose of creating the highest quality fishing and fly tying tools available.  Designed by fishermen, for fishermen, you’ll find innovative and unique tools to suit your tying and angling needs.

    To this day, we continue to lead the industry in quality and innovation.  Each DR. SLICK instrument we produce undergoes a 6-step inspection process to ensure the highest quality possible, and each instrument carries our logo on it to guarantee that it is the best we have to offer.  If you want precision tools made to last, you’ll want DR. SLICK.

    Meet the Dr. Slick Crossfire–your new go-to choice for clamps! This hybrid series combines three of Dr. Slick’s most popular clamp styles, lengths and jaw structures.  The addition of textured rubber handles and tapered jaws combine to create a unique blend of form, function and comfort.  A new twist on old favorites.These versatile clamps are designed for all sorts of tasks, from crushing barbs to removing hooks from fish (or yourself!). They’re perfect for opening and closing split shot, knot-tying, and cutting tippet.

    And with a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect Crossfire clamp to suit your angling needs. Whether you prefer a short or long clamp, a straight or curved jaw, or a gold or black finish, there’s a Crossfire clamp that’s just right for you. So why wait? Get the versatile, reliable performance of the Dr. Slick Crossfire clamp on your vest today!


  • Placeholder

    Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor

  • FishPond Dry Shake Bottle Holder


    The Fishpond Dry Shake Bottle Holder is an easy to use tool for travelling and fishing tours. It is a convenient bottle holder that allows you to carry your dry shake bottle on your outdoor adventures. Usually, travelers and fishing lovers face the problem of bottle lids opening and the water spilling out at the most inopportune times. The Fishpond Dry Shake Bottle Holder is a convenient and effective tool to prevent your bottle lid from opening.

  • Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder


    Never fear losing your tippet spools again, thanks to Fishpond’s revolutionary Headgate tippet dispenser. This helpful tool has a spring loaded hinge design which makes it easy to add, remove and carry most tippet spools with you. Holds upto 7 standard tippet spools. Simply clip it somewhere nearby and save yourself from rummaging through your fishing gear for them! Alongside this convenience it also boasts a built in cutting blade so no need to bring along separate nippers either – ultimate convenience indeed!  This is an essential accessory for every angler.

  • Fishpond Net Holster



    Looking for a way to keep your net close by without getting in the way? Fishpond has the perfect solution with the Net Holster. This holster keeps your net securely in place on your hip, backpack, or boat frame so you can focus on landing that big fish. The durable construction means it can withstand whatever elements you encounter while out on the water. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started, the Net Holster is a must-have accessory for a successful fishing trip.

    New Gear, Old Material

  • Fishpond South Fork Wader Belt


    More often than not, a wading belt proves to be one of your most valuable pieces of fishing gear. Without it, a sudden swim could quickly turn into an emergency situation. For anglers needing more organization and accessibility, South Fork has created a new Wader Belt with a variety of features that should not be overlooked. Its floating rail system provides multiple storage solutions and can also attach a shoulder strap for added stability; furthermore, its Molle slots accommodate water bottle holders while an integrated net slot allows you to conveniently carry any size net. This light-weight set up may just make you forget about ever bringing your old pack again!

  • Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt System 2.0


    Looking for a top-of-the-line wading belt system? Check out the Fishpond Switchback. This newly redesigned belt system is loaded with features, including additional storage and a quick-release rail system. You can also attach compatible systems like the Thunderhead Submersible Pouch or Canyon Creek Chest Pack. And with its ambidextrous design and molle slots for water bottles and rod holders, the Switchback is perfect for any angler. So don’t settle for anything less – get the Fishpond Switchback Belt System 2.0 today!

    Fishpond has been fishing sustainably for over ten years and our commitment to the environment knows no bounds. You can find us using recycled materials in every aspect of production, including fly boxes made from100%post-consumer plastic bottles reclaimed naïvely by glueing together old fabric that would otherwise have ended up landfilled or burned.

  • Fishppond Confluence Net Release – (Duplicate Imported from WooCommerce)


    The perfect accessory to keep your net close and always at the ready.

    A complete magnetic net release system with the quality and attention to detail you expect from Fishpond. The perfect accessory to keep your Nomad Net close and always at the ready. The magnet on this product is very strong.

  • Mountain River Lanyard


    The Mountain River Angler Lanyard is fully functional and adjustable to offer you maximum usability while fishing. The lanyard is easy to use and enables you to keep your fishing accessories close to your body so that you can access them when required. The angler lanyard comes with a horizontal tippet spool holder, a safety release, four accessory clips, trout print chamois and two foam fly rolls. Here are some features of the Mountain River Angler Lanyard:

    • Padded neck strap
    • Custom beadwork
    • Chamois for drying flies and cleaning glasses
    • Built in safety release
    • Carry essential tools around your neck for quick access
  • Orvis Clip Zinger


    Orvis Clip Zinger

  • Orvis Comfy Grip Kit


    Orvis’s Comfy Grip tools are a collaboration between Orvis designers and Loon Outdoors.

    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right.THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.

  • Orvis Comfy Grip Nipper


    Orvis Comfy grip Nipper

  • Orvis Flow Nipper


    The Orvis Flow Nipper is a upgrade from your average line/tippet nipper. This essential tool was designed by Orvis and built by Loon Outdoors.  Constructed from high grade stainless steel. The Flow nipper is more durable and ergonomic and includes hook eye cleaner.

  • Orvis Gear Keeper Staff Tether


    When you head out for a day of fly fishing, there are a lot of things to remember. But one thing you don’t have to worry about is keeping your wading staff within reach. The Gear Keeper Staff Tether features a durable Spectra/nylon cable that can hold up to 60 pounds, making it the perfect way to keep your staff close at hand. The strong stainless steel spring and hardware can be mounted anywhere with the included threaded stud, making it easy to find the perfect spot on your gear. Whether you’re wading through a river or hiking through the woods, the Orvis Gear Keeper Staff Tether will make sure your staff is always within reach.

    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.