You have your rod, reel, line, flies, as well as waders and wading boots, and you feel ready to cast your line and catch trout. After all, you have all your basic equipment, so what more do you need?

What about fly fishing accessories, though? If you want to take your fly fishing excursions a step further, you can invest in accessories that will make fly fishing easier and more enjoyable.

When you stand in the middle of a river, you need to stand as still as possible, or you will spook the fish. Inevitably, your movements are limited, as you are holding your line and casting it. What happens when you catch a fish, though?

To remove hooks from fish or cut your tippet, you need to have the proper equipment that makes things easy and quick. That’s where fly fishing accessories come in handy.

What Sort of Fly Fishing Accessories Are There?

Cool fly fishing accessories are fun. But that’s what we’re talking about. The best fly fishing accessories are not about how you look but about making your life easier and your hobby more enjoyable. As you become an expert at fly fishing, you will realize that there are some essential fly fishing accessories that can help develop your skill and maximize the fun.


You might think we are getting ahead of ourselves believing that we need a net when we haven’t even caught our first trout yet.  A decent landing net is essential to actually safely landing and releasing fish.  Without a net you don’t really have a good way to handle and remove the hook.  Grabbing your line above the fish will often create so much tension on the line that it will either snapp and you lose the fish and your fly.  Or the fish will thrash around and unhook itself and that thigh line will make the fly go right into your hand(OUCH!) A net helps to protect the trout from being handled or dragged up on the bank.

NOTE: Trout have skin, not scales.  Their skin is protected by a slimy coating, that coating protects them from diseases.  By handling a trout with dry hands you are essentially going to slowly kill them.  Always handle Trout with wet hands if you must.

Wading Staff

A Wading staff is a very essential piece of equipment in most western rivers. The bottom of the rivers or streams are almost always rocks, boulders and other debris that maybe you can’t see. Think of a staff as a third leg when you need it. Wading in rivers is sooooooo much easier and safer with a staff, no matter your age or physical ability. Falling down in the river is no fun. Wading staffs are available in many different styles and can easily be attached to your wading belt with a tether or even a simple bungee strap.

Wading Belt

Wading belts are good for a number of reasons. First of all a good wading belt will keep water from filling up your waders if you should fall in or wade too deep. Nowadays wading belts are made to serve more than just to keep water out of your waders. Most wading belts now come with a net holder in the back for your longer handled nets that have become so popular. Quick access to your net is essential. Wading belts also have many places where you can attach small packs with your flies, leader/tippets, tools and much more. Fishpond has great Wading belt systems that can make your day just that much more pleasant.


Clamps/Forceps help you remove hooks from fish, crush barbs, cut your tippet, open and close split shots, tie knots, and more. Knowing what tasks you regularly perform stream-side will help you select the clamp(s) that best suit your angling needs. By using clamps/forceps to and a net you don’t have to physically handle fish. Trout especially should not be handled at all if possible.

Fly fishing aficionados can be particular about their fly fishing clamps. Some like them long, others prefer them short. Some choose straight clamps while others opt for curved ones. Once you have your chosen clamps, you will likely stick to them and no fly fishing trip will be complete without your clamps in your bag. You will also find clamps that are coated in titanium to withstand salt water.


Nippers are like nail clippers. They cut tag ends and strands of line and tippet and help you with hooks.

Quality fly fishing nippers should be non-slip for better grip and made of stainless steel to weather humidity.


If you are fly fishing with nymphs that sink in the water, you want to know whether fish have taken the bait. The easiest way is to attach an indicator to your fly line. When you catch your fish, the indicator will start wiggling.

Indicators are made of different materials that float on water, such as foam, cork, or yarn. There are many types of indicators, so ask a pro which ones are best for your fishing conditions.


If you want to carry all your accessories in a tidy fashion, you need a lanyard. Quality lanyards are perfect for docking your tools and equipment and will not stand in your way when you cast your line. Lanyards have clips and other smart docking options for your fly fishing tools, accessories, and equipment. They will hold your tools in place and keep them easily accessible when you need them. For instance, if you want to have quick access to your flies to attach them to your fly line and cast, then you need to place them in your lanyard.

Lanyards are made in such a way that they don’t swing when you move. This way, they will not impede your fly fishing. Instead of looking into your pockets and losing flies and fly lines, keep everything well organized and close at hand.

You can also buy a loaded lanyard. For example, this loaded Orvis lanyard comes with Comfy Grip Forceps, Comfy Grip Nippers, Hyflote Gel, Floatant Holder, Tippet Bar, and 3 spools of 30m SuperStrong Plus Tippet.

Fly Floatant

You want your dry flies to float on the water. To make sure they float perfectly, you can coat them in a fly floatant material that prevents your dry flies form sinking

Tippet Holder

Your fly is attached to the tippet. A tippet is an almost invisible filament placed at the end of the line, where you attach the fly. Because of your tippet’s light weight, the fly swims and floats in a more natural way to perfectly mimic the gentle and genuine movement of bugs and insects.

A tippet holder will hold on to your tippet dispensers and prevent them from getting tangled. Whenever you need a tippet to add to your line, you don’t need to look frantically into your pockets: your tippet holder has them all.


When you need to attach things to your vest, you need zingers. Wire cord zingers attach to your vest without making holes and help you hang tools and keep your accessories close at hand. You won’t need to search in pockets and backpacks: you only need your zingers and you have everything you want at close proximity.

Fly Fishing Accessories Will Make Your Life Easier

The more you get into fly fishing, the more you will want to invest in accessories to make your sport even more enjoyable. Even so, you don’t need to over-accessorize your fly fishing expedition. You only need to invest in essential fly fishing accessories that will make your fly fishing easier and more effective.

Fly fishing accessories have been developed by experts who understand how they can improve the fly fishing experience. From clamps and nippers to lanyards and zingers, invest in the best fly fishing accessories from specialized companies like Orvis and Umpqua and take your fly fishing experience to the next level!

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  • FishPond Dry Shake Bottle Holder


    The Fishpond Dry Shake Bottle Holder is an easy to use tool for travelling and fishing tours. It is a convenient bottle holder that allows you to carry your dry shake bottle on your outdoor adventures. Usually, travelers and fishing lovers face the problem of bottle lids opening and the water spilling out at the most inopportune times. The Fishpond Dry Shake Bottle Holder is a convenient and effective tool to prevent your bottle lid from opening.

  • Mountain River Lanyard


    The Mountain River Angler Lanyard is fully functional and adjustable to offer you maximum usability while fishing. The lanyard is easy to use and enables you to keep your fishing accessories close to your body so that you can access them when required. The angler lanyard comes with a horizontal tippet spool holder, a safety release, four accessory clips, trout print chamois and two foam fly rolls. Here are some features of the Mountain River Angler Lanyard:

    • Padded neck strap
    • Custom beadwork
    • Chamois for drying flies and cleaning glasses
    • Built in safety release
    • Carry essential tools around your neck for quick access
  • Orca 20 QT. Cooler


    The Orca 20 QT is one of the best portable coolers available on the market. It has easy-to-use features like convenient carry handles and plenty of storage space for food, water, and beverages. If you are fond of fishing, picnics, and traveling, you can use the Orca 20 QT cooler to keep your food and beverages fresh all the time. Here are the best features of this amazing cooler. 

    • Flexible grip handle
    • Extra storage with an attached cargo net
    • easy-grip handles.
    • Easy to carry around and handle.
    • Optimized T latches
    • Insulation with integrated insulation

  • Orca 26 QT Cooler


    The ORCA 26 Qt cooler is made durable using the roto molded construction. It can maintain the temperature of your food and keep it fresh for up to 10 days. ORCA 26 qt cooler can be used to store food, water and beverages while travelling and camping. The extended grip handles provide easy handling and portability. There is an easy flow drainage hole to drain out the water from the cooler. Also, ORCA comes with  a CARGO net for additional storage.

  • Placeholder

    Orca Chaser 27 Oz


    Orca Chaser 27 Oz

  • Placeholder

    Orca Chasertini Lids


    The ORCA Chasertini Lid is a replacement lid for the ORCA Chasertini cups. The lid allows you to keep your beverage secure and see how much of it is left in the cup. Yes, the ORCA Chasertini lids are made of transparent Tritan copolymer material that allows you to see your drink through the lid. You know when to refill your cup, and the secure seal makes your cup spillproof. No matter where you use your Chasertini cup, you can be sure that your drink is secure.

  • Orvis Nippers


    Orvis nippers are one of the best fly fishing nippers available in the market. If you are into fly fishing and adventure, you can use the Orvis fishing nipper for a variety of purposes. The Orvis fishing nippers are best for cutting the lines and tag ends of monofilament after you tie a knot. The nippers are made of toughened stainless steel that you can use to cut almost anything during your fishing tours. Here are the top features of the nippers.

    • Corrosion resistant blades
    • Rotating hook eye cleaner
    • Ergonomic designed
    • Grip covers for improved grip
  • Orvis Wader Sock


    Wading in the rain during the hot summer months is one of the great joys of fly fishing. With these protective neoprene socks you can wear your traditional wading boots while wading with comfort and safety. These anatomically shaped 2.5mm neoprene socks offer maximum comfort on the river and replace your regular long-legged boot when the weather gets hot. The socks are washable, so you can wear them in wet conditions and if they get dirty, you can wash them anywhere as they dry quickly in the sun.

  • Smith Castaway Sunglasses


    The Smith Castaway sunglasses are made to offer enhanced protection from sunlight and ultraviolet rays. The sunglasses are specially made to wear for fly fishing and adventure sports where there are high chances of getting reflection from water surfaces. They come with features with Chroma Pop lenses that are polarized to minimize glare and offer a high contrast for clear views in high and low light conditions. Here are the main features of the Smith Castaway sunglasses.

    • Polarized Chroma Pop lenses
    • Anti-reflective coating on the lenses
    • Smudge and moisture
    • Self-adjustable spring hinges
    • Nonslip temple and temple
  • Smith Deckboss Sunglasse


    Smith Deckboss Sunglasses are designed to offer complete protection from glare and reflection on fishing destinations. The design of the sunglasses fits perfectly on your face as it comes with non slip grips and quick fit temples. The frame of the Smith Deckboss is made of bio based material that is lightweight, durable and eco friendly. You don’t feel the weight of the sunglasses while wearing them for an entire day. It comes with Chroma pop lenses that minimize glare and offer high contrast views to offer you high clarity views every time you wear it.

  • Smith Hookshot


    Smith hookshot sunglasses offer you full coverage from the sun when you need to spend a lot of time on the water. Smith hookshot sunglasses fall in the category of sports sunglasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes from the water reflection. The sunglasses are equipped with chroma pop polarized lenses that reduce glare and offer 100 percent UV protection to your eyes. Here are the primary features of these hookshot sunglasses.

    • Evolve eco-friendly frame material
    • Medium fit/medium coverage
    • Auto-lock hinges
    • ChromaPop lenses
    • 8 Base lens curvature
  • Smith Longfin Sunglasses


    Smith Longfin sunglasses offer effective protection from the sun and enhance clarity for your eyes, no matter the season or destination. These sunglasses were made for enhanced protection from the water glare in fishing destinations and other water locations. Equipped with Chroma Pop lenses, the Smith Longfin glasses allow you to see natural colors and high clarity views. They come with thin flexible temples that keep them fixed on your eyes, even during high activity events. Here are the main features of Smith longfin sunglasses:

    • Chroma Pop lenses
    • 100% UV protection
    • 6-base lens curvature
    • Flexible and durable TR90 frame
    • Smudge and moisture resistant coating
  • Smith Pathway Sunglasses


    The Smith Pathway Sunglasses are made by Smith optics to let you see crystal clear views of your world. SMITH Optics designs glasses that capture your inner style and talent and show it off to the outside world. A balanced combination of lifestyle and performance, your sunglasses are versatile and able to keep up with all day and rest tasks. Equipped with Chroma pop lenses they have an anti reflective coating that protects your eyes from glare and keeps the dust at bay. The lightweight frame and anti slip nose pads make them comfortable to wear all day long.

  • Smith Redding Sunglassses


    The Smith Redding sunglasses are designed to offer protection to your eyes from UV rays and reflection from water. The sunglasses protect the eyes from glare occurring from reflection of sunlight from the surface of water on fishing destinations. Chroma Pop lenses are used in the Smith Redding sunglasses for enhanced clarity and UV protection for your eyes. Here are the main features of the Smith Redding sunglasses for fly fishing.

    • Techlite polarised lenses
    • ChromaPoP lenses minimize glare
    • Enhanced colors and contrast
    • Scratch resistant glass lenses
    • 100 % UV protection
  • Smith Riptide Sunglasses


    Smith Riptide polarized sunglasses are scratch-resistant and designed to withstand the environmental elements and an active lifestyle. The self-adjusting spring hinges work together with temple pads to keep the glasses fixed on your face. With a hard case and microfiber case, the Smith Riptide sunglasses are the stuff you want for your next adventure. Here are the main features of these sunglasses for eyes.

    • ChromaPop™ Glass polarized lenses.
    • Smudge and moisture-resistant coating
    • Anti-reflective coating for enhanced clarity
    • Lenses reduce the strain on your eyes
    • Medium-large fit, medium coverage
    • Self adjustable spring hinges