Join Our Fly Fishing Schools to Hone Your Skills

  • Fly Fishing School for beginners and advanced anglers alike
  • Develop your skills and polish your casting technique
  • Refine your skills
  • Learn the basics of fly fishing to become an independent angler
  • On-the-spot learning with experienced instructors and under real conditions
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Introduction to fly fishing gear and equipment

Teaching Material for Fly Fishing Courses

  • Casting techniques (roll cast, overhead cast, etc.)
  • Equipment (rod, reel, line, flies)
  • How to tie flies (fly tying)
  • How to hook, land, and release your fish
  • Learn to ‘read the river’ and to observe bugs and insects. They tell you what fish like to eat so you can imitate them.

Learn More Enhanced Techniques

You will never know everything there is to fly fishing: rivers, streams, and creeks are ever-changing and make fly fishing versatile and unpredictable. That’s what makes this sport so interesting.

  • Develop more complicated and advanced casting skills
  • Tailored-made lessons for your requirements and skills
  • How to cast in high winds
  • Learn how to cast in slow and fast waters and the different techniques required. 

Choose a Fly Fishing School That’s Right For You: