Fishing Report For: Eagle River
May 2nd. 2023

“It’s GO TIME!!!”- FFO lead guide Kip Wolcott

The Eagle River is one of the last true large freestone rivers in Colorado. The Eagle runs right through the heart of the Vail Valley. Starting it’s 77-mile journey high above the valley floor near Tennessee pass and dropping 2,400 vertical feet in its first 30 miles the river slows and widens as it flows through the towns of Avon and Edwards.

The upper Eagle is famous for its great Brown Trout habitat and faster water/ pocket fishing, this area is overlooked by many anglers but offers some great wade fishing using big dry flies and streamers.

As the Eagle cuts, it’s way west towards the Colorado River from Edwards, float and wade fishing for a mix of larger Browns and Rainbows is some of the best fishing in Colorado in early to late July. The lower Eagle is more heavily fished but offers good public access. Wild Rainbows and Browns up to 20 plus inches are not uncommon in the Eagle River.

Please respect the Redds. The Rainbows are spawning. Redds/beds are easily spotted as light/cleaned areas of the river usually at the tail outs of runs and at the top of riffles. The eagle is a naturally reproducing fishery, so it’s imperative that the Trout are able to spawn without being harassed.

Spawning redds are the cleaned areas of the bottom of the river

5/2/2023–The Eagle river is experiencing the start of runoff in earnest the last few days. Flows have almost tripled since last weekend. The increased flows have dropped the water temperatures and put down the hatches until those temps stabilize. Water clarity is not so bad up river of Wolcott. there is at least 1-2 feet of visibility right now. The flows are coming up during the night and dropping through the day, so fishing afternoons are going to give you the best opportunity. The increased flows also move many of the fish to the banks. Nymphing bigger darker flies and eggs is going to catch fish.

Our Orvis endorsed guide staff is the most experienced when it comes to guiding the Eagle river drainage. Our reservations are booking up so get of the couch and let’s go fishing! Call us! (970) 845-8090

 Recommended Patterns:

Nymphs: Eggs, Zebra Midges #18-22 Fly Formerly #16-18, Pardigon Purple, Green #14-18, Jiggy Pheasant Tails #12-16, Ju Ju Bee Midges #18-22, Barr BWO emergers #18-22, Ju Ju Beatis #16-20, Squirmy’s #12. Pine Squirrel leeches #10-12, Black/Purple Runt Stones #10-14

Dries: Parachute Adams #18-22, Adams/Purple Para Wulff # 14-18, Pine

Streamers: Buggers Olive, White, Black #18-12, Sculpin patterns Olive, Black #8-12, sex dungeons #2



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