Wading Boots

Fly Fishing Wading Boots

You need good quality wading boots to go in rivers, streams, and lakes and fly fish comfortably and safely.

Your wading boots will keep you balanced and steady when you step on rocks, muddy waters, and slippery surfaces. They will also keep you upright and safe while you cast your fly and inspect the water for the best fishing spot.

First-time customers are often surprised to learn that wading boots take water in. That’s because wet wading boots are made to take water and let it drain slowly. If you want to have your feet dry and comfortable, you should buy stocking waders, which are equipped with neoprene socks to keep your feet warm and dry.

Wading boots come in various materials and sizes and can have felt or rubber soles. Follow our guide to choose the best wading boots for your fly fishing experience.

Why Do I Need Wading Boots when I Go Fly Fishing?

Water and lichen make surfaces slippery. Lake and river banks can be muddy and marshy. Everyday shoes are not waterproof and can be highly unstable when you step in mud, on rocks, or in the middle of a stream.

When you go fly fishing, you often can’t see what is happening in the water. You have poor visibility and need all your attention and balance to cast your line and fly at the right spot. If you want to stand upright and well-balanced, you need proper shoes—shoes that are comfortable and sturdy in all riparian conditions. That’s where wading boots come in.

What Type of Sole Should I Choose for My Wading Boots?

Wading boots offer you a choice between felt soles and rubber soles.

Felt soles have a tight grip on rocks. However, they do less well in muddy marshy waters and get worn out quickly compared to rubber soles. Also, some states have forbidden the use of felt soles because they may transfer bacteria and other aquatic life matter from one river to the other. If a species is invasive, it could upset the fragile aquatic balance of a river or stream. For this reason, states like Alaska have outlawed the use of felt soles in wading boots.

Rubber soles are sturdy and versatile and will do well in most conditions, including mud and snow. The Orvis PRO Wading boots boast exceptional traction thanks to Michelin’s innovative outsole. Some people place studs on rubber soles to increase their grip and traction. However, remember that studs could puncture rafts, so don’t step into one if your wading boots have studs.

How Tall Should My Wading Boots Be?

The height of your wading boots is a matter of personal preference. Taller wading boots offer better ankle support, so they may help your legs feel firm and well-balanced. However, tall wading boots are heavier than shorter ones.

Shorter wading boots still protect your ankles while weighing less. If you want something more comfortable and easier to wear for long hours, you could try shorter ones. The Orvis lightweight wading boot is great for hiking into a more secluded stream.

What Are Wading Boots Made of?

Modern wading boots are made of several materials. The best wet wading boots for fly fishing are made from a selection of materials, each chosen for a separate part of the boot to ensure optimum support.

Most wading boots are made of rubber, nylon, and synthetic leather. The best fly fishing wading boots will have rubber-encased toes to protect your toes from bumping on rocks and other hard surfaces. The top should be soft but sturdy to help you bend your ankles and upper foot without hurting it.

All the materials used are obviously suitable for water. Even so, you should always clean your wading boots after a fly fishing expedition, especially if you go saltwater fishing.

How Should I Choose My Wading Boots?

If you have chosen stockngfoot waders, then you also need wading boots. If you have opted for bootfoot waders, then you don’t need wading boots as these are already part of your waders.

You should choose wading boots that are as lightweight as possible. You will spend long hours in these boots and want to feel comfortable. Heavy or ill-fitting boots will exhaust you quickly, preventing you from enjoying your fly fishing adventure.

You also want sturdy laces that will keep your wading boots in place. At the same time, your wading boots should be easy to lace up. You don’t want to have complicated ties and knots. Some wading boots have an advanced system called BOA. Instead of tying shoelaces, you press a button that automatically ties the laces and tightens or loosens the boot.

If you have chosen wet wading boots, make sure they drain well. As you enter the water, you want it to drain from your boots fast and give you mobility and steadiness.
The whole point of your wading boots is to deliver solid ankle support. Make sure your foot is comfortable in your boot and you can stand upright and balanced with ease. Don’t leave any space between your foot and your boot, as this can cause you to lose your balance and miscalculate your steps. This is the perfect recipe for sprained ankles and broken bones.

Finally, if you prefer felt soles, make sure that the stream, lake, or river you have chosen allows their use.

Fly Fishing Outfitters Wading Boots

Here at Fly Fishing Outfitters, we have a large selection of wading boots for all sizes and of all lengths. You will find men’s and women’s fly fishing wading boots from various reputable and quality brands, including Orvis wading boots. We have several budget-friendly wading boots that deliver comfort and good ankle support as well as higher end, state-of-the-art boots for anglers who spend long hours in the water.

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  • Orvis Men’s ClearWater Wading Boot – Felt Sole

    Orvis Men’s ClearWater Wading Boot – Felt Sole


    The Clearwater Felt Sole Wading Boot is made of high-quality leather that makes it a durable footwear in any condition. The wading boots protect your feet from water and other environmental elements while fishing and traveling in any location.

    It comes with a hard rubber toe and heel for enhanced protection and strength on rough surfaces. Orvis has given a phylon sole and ESS plate for high stability and retention on wet surfaces. Here are the main features of Orvis Clearwater Felt Sole Wading Boot.

    • Phylon midsole with ESS plate
    • Integrated EVA foam for comfort
    • Scratched rubber toe, and heel
    • Durable Anti-slip Felt
  • Orvis Men’s ClearWater Wading Boot – Rubber Sole

    Orvis Men’s ClearWater Wading Boot – Rubber Sole


    Orvis M ClearW Wading Boot Rub

  • Orvis Fly Fishing Pro Approach Shoe

    Orvis Men’s Pro Approach Shoe


    The Orvis Pro Approach shoes are highly useful for fishing, hiking and boating activities. Orvis makes it available at an affordable price of $149 and you can order it online. The shoes are lightweight but rugged and can be used for a variety of water activities. Here are the main features of these wonderful wet wading shoes.

    • Lightweight and durable
    • Made of quick drying material
    • PU Cage technology used for drainage
    • YKK side zippers
    • Michelin Outdoor Extreme rubber outsole
    • Comfortable, and breathable Airprene uppers.
    • Single density phylon midsole
    • Snug fitting cuff to keep out sand and debris.
  • Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boot


    The Orvis Mens Ultralight Wading Boots are made to perform best in every situation and offer you better grip. The EVA outsole grip slick offers better grip on every surface especially on wet surfaces. The ultralight wading boot fits very comfortably on your feet although they feel a little snug when you use them with the thickest neoprene wader boots. Most of the weight of the boots is concentrated at the base. Overall the Orvis Mens Ultralight Wading Boots create a perfect balance between weight and performance.

  • front view of our Orvis Pro Boa Wading Boots

    Orvis Pro Boa Wading Boot


    The new and innovative Orvis Pro Boa Wading Boot offers extra comfort and convenience. The product is designed keeping in mind the requirements and needs of fly fishers and uses the improved Fit System. It is the best wading boot available for purchase.

    • Improved Fit System offering extra comfort and even tension across the boot
    • Great wet rubber traction provided by Michelin Extreme Outdoor outsole
    • High-density Phylon midsole for an ideal comfort-to-weight ratio
    • Strategic locations for placing optional studs
    • OrthoLite X25 3D molded insole providing extra support and comfort
    • Optimum strength-to-weight ratio through the Clarino microfiber quick-drying upper
    • PU casting construction to reduce seams and improve the boot’s durability
    • Superior protection through scratch rubber heel and toe cap
    • Large heel pull to wear and remove the boots easily
    • High-density and durable laces

    The Orvis Pro Boa Wading Boot is meant exclusively for fly fishing and will allow you to cover more miles in the water comfortably.

  • Orvis Wader Sock


    Wading in the rain during the hot summer months is one of the great joys of fly fishing. With these protective neoprene socks you can wear your traditional wading boots while wading with comfort and safety. These anatomically shaped 2.5mm neoprene socks offer maximum comfort on the river and replace your regular long-legged boot when the weather gets hot. The socks are washable, so you can wear them in wet conditions and if they get dirty, you can wash them anywhere as they dry quickly in the sun.

  • Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Boot


    Built as a part of the Orvis Ultralight Wading System for women, the Women’s Ultralight Wading Boot offers protection and performance without adding extra bulk. Made of clarion microfiber the upper part of the shoe is made tough and waterproof. The rubber soles are abrasion resistant and the EVA midsole provide all day comfort. The laces in the boots are tightly woven for enhanced abrasion resistance. The Orvis Women’s Ultra light Wading Boots are a part of the Orvis Ultralight Wading System.

  • Pro Wading Boot


    The Orvis Pro boots are light, flexible and easy to wear all day long. They are an absolute requirement for anglers who spend most of their time fishing, wading and walking on various terrains! Combine that with the durability of the Michelin sole, and the Pro boots have what it takes to become a favorite with anglers around the world. Here are the main features of this amazing Orvis wading boot:

    • Michelin outsole for wet traction
    • High-density Phylon midsole for optimal comfort-to-weight ratio
    • 3D molded Ortholite X25 insole
    • Scratch rubber toe cap
    • Good strength-to-weight ratio