FFO Senior Guide Kip Wolcott
Kip Wolcott

Fly Fishing Guide

My name is Kip Wolcott and I’ve been fly fishing for 51 years. I’m originally from Aspen Colorado but have been in the Vail Valley for 30+ years now, 23 of which I have spent with Fly Fishing Outfitters. In this time, I have guided over 3000 trips.

I guide because it’s the best job in the world—especially with FFO, thanks to the staff experience. You could say that fly fishing’s in my blood: my father and grandfather were both big fly fishermen.

The best part of sharing my knowledge and experience with others is the excitement this job brings me every day. I particularly love fishing in the Eagle River or the Roaring fork—my home river. When fishing I like using a midge fly because it catches fish year-round. The only thing you need is patience.