Fly Fishing Apparel

When you go on fly fishing trips, you want to feel comfortable in your clothes. You also want to be prepared for all situations. As fly fishing experts, we know that Colorado weather can change several times a day, so we must always be ready to put on rainwear while still keeping our sunglasses around.

When you feel comfortable and dry, your fly fishing experience will be more enjoyable—while keeping yourself safe and happy. You don’t want to sweat in the summer and be chilly in the winter. Instead, you want to continue fly fishing under most weather conditions.

Imagine yourself fly fishing under the rain and picture a river or lake right after the rain, brimming with fish and aquatic life. That’s what fly fishing is all about: the beauty of nature combined with your fishing expertise.

The best fly fishing apparel should match your area and season. At the same time, you should be prepared for rain in the summer or sunshine in the middle of winter. Let us help you make the best choice in fly fishing apparel and get you all set for your next fly fishing trip!

What’s the Purpose of Fly Fishing Apparel?

Wearing cool fly fishing apparel is nice but any fly fishing fan knows that its purpose is to keep you dry and warm in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. You want your fly fishing clothes to allow you the freedom to move around while still keeping you dry inside and outside. You don’t want to sweat under your clothes and you don’t want to be wet on the outside. You need clothes that are both breathable and waterproof.

Weather conditions often change several times during the course of a single day. A day that starts with full sunshine can unravel into a windy afternoon. A chilly wind can be highly annoying—and dangerous for your health—if you are soaking wet. Hence, the need for water-resistant and quick-drying materials to keep you dry and protected.

What Sort of Clothes Materials Should I Choose?

No matter how nice and comfortable natural materials like cotton are to the touch and skin, they are not the best choice for your fly fishing clothes. When cotton clothes get wet, they dry very slowly. They soak up the water, which means you will be in full contact with wet clothes for lengthy stretches of time.

Instead, you should choose synthetic fibers that dry quickly and don’t soak up water. Your aim is to always stay dry, particularly if you are going fly fishing for a whole day.

That’s why the best fly fishing apparel brands use synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, or drirelease. Drirelease is a synthetic fiber that is hydrophobic. It is often combined with cotton or other fibers to produce clothes that are nice and soft to the touch yet dry quickly without soaking up water.

When it comes to fly fishing apparel for men and women, technology has significantly improved the quality and waterproofness of materials and transformed the choice and variety of clothing textiles available. This makes fly fishing easier and more enjoyable.

Think Of Clothes Layers When You Go Fly Fishing

Since the weather is unpredictable and ever-changing, you must be prepared for everything. That means you need to have layers you can put on and take off at a moment’s notice, depending on what’s happening around you. You want to adjust your clothing to the shifting temperatures around you.

Even in the summer, early mornings and later afternoons can be chilly while midday can be hot. Layering will help protect you from morning chills and you will be able to take off a layer during the day. Similarly, in the winter, you want to be protected from the wind, rain, and cold temperatures.

Our suggestion is to have a base layer shirt that is breathable so you don’t sweat. You can then put on a mid-layer shirt and a hooded sun shirt. In the winter, you will need a waterproof jacket with a hood. Your in-between layers in winter should be warmer than in the summer.

In the summer or in tropical waters, you may enjoy wet wading—that means you don’t wear waders. If so, you could opt for a quick-drying pair of pants. They will dry fast so you are not bothered by the moisture building up around your legs.

What Other Things Should I Include in My Fly Fishing Apparel?

Besides clothes, you will need sunglasses for fishing in the summer and even on sunny winter days. Sun rays are reflected in the water and could hurt your eyes. Get high-quality sunglasses that filter out UV rays. Polarized sunglasses go a step further: you will be able to see what’s happening under the surface of the water, offering you better accessibility to fish habitats and improved precision in your casts.

You will also need a hat. A wide-brimmed hat will protect your scalp and neck from the sun while also providing shade for your eyes. Like sunglasses, a hat gives you visibility which you wouldn’t have in bright sunshine.

Many anglers like wearing a fly fishing vest with plenty of pockets and nooks and crannies to carry all their equipment, such as flies, fly lines, scissors, a water bottle, and other necessary equipment for your fly fishing trip.

If you feel that a vest will hinder your mobility, then opt for a backpack or waist pack. They should be easy to transport, lightweight, and, preferably, waterproof. Whatever you prefer, make sure it suits your fly fishing habits and personal style.

Fly Fishing Outfitters Have the Best Fly Fishing Apparel for You

We carry apparel from several fly fishing apparel companies, such as Orvis. At Fly Fishing Outfitters, you will find long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts for men and women as well as waterproof trousers. We also have wading jackets, hoodies, and casting shirts. Depending on the season you will be fishing and your fly fishing preferences, we are sure we can deliver the right apparel for your ultimate comfort and style!

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    Front of Shirt logo                          Back of shirt logo

    Fly Fishing Outfitters custom logo short sleeve t-shirts. A tri blend of Cotton, Polyester and lycra. Go to for more information on fly fishing gear and apparel!


  • Fly Fishing Outfitters Hooded T-Shirt


    A tri-blend tee combines 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon which makes them softer, breathable, and lightweight. Extremely comfortable!

  • Fly Fishing Outfitters T-Shirt 4 River Drifty


    Fly Fishing Outfitters, Vail, Beaver Creek CO- 100% Cotton

    Eagle River, Gore Creek, Colorado River, roaring Fork River

  • Fly Fishing Outfitters T-Shirt Colorado River


    100% Cotton  Dyed Ringspun  Available In Long and Short sleeve

    Ringspun” refers to the process of continuously spinning, twisting, and thinning the cotton strands is what yields long, soft threads. This process also yields stronger, longer strands that are soft, extremely durable, and free from the rough texture of standard raw cotton

  • Fly Fishing Outfitters T-Shirt-Colorado River


    Ringspun Cotton in short and longsleeve. Ringspun cotton is strong yet softer then regular cotton t shirts

  • Orvis DriCast Longsleeve Crew


    All New Orvis Technical Shirt

    Introducing the highly anticipated DriCast Logo Long-Sleeved Crew T-shirt, a must-have for anyone looking for the perfect blend of style and functionality. Our loyal customers have been raving about the outstanding moisture management and unmatched comfort of our renowned drirelease® tops from day one. And now, we are thrilled to unveil a game-changing enhancement to our already successful line – DriCast.  With a lighter feel, accelerated drying time, and top-notch UPF 50+ sun defense, this program upgrade is set to impress.

    Recycled polyester/rayon/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

  • Orvis Men’s Clearwater Jacket


    Looking for a reliable and affordable wading jacket? When you live in the heart of Ski country CO, you learn quickly that being dry and comfortable in the outdoors is paramount to enjoying your day. Often price is no object, but the Orvis clearwater wading jacket will! This top-of-the-line jacket is perfect for any angler, with its 20K Waterproofness and 15K Breathability rating. You’ll love the three-layer nylon shell fabric with fully taped seams, which provides superior weatherproofing against the elements. The YKK AquaGuard water-resistant front closure is another great feature, keeping you dry and comfortable while you’re out on the water. Plus, with two large front storage pockets and two handwarmer pockets, you’ll have plenty of space to store all your gear. And when it comes time to land and release your fish, the integrated Dolphin Skin cuff system will prevent any seepage. Lastly, the rear yoke D-ring allows you to attach your net, and the three-way adjustable storm hood with laminated brim will keep you protected from the wind and rain.

    Nylon shell/ polyurethane membrane/nylon tricot liner. Washable. Imported.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52)

    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.

  • Orvis Men’s DriCast Hoodie



    New and Improved Orvis DriCast Hoodie

    The new Orvis DriCast Hoodie is designed to provide impressive sun protection for your skin. It offers an Active Fit and is made with drirelease® fabric, known for its superior moisture management and cotton-like softness. With the introduction of DriCast, the hoodie is now lighter in weight and has a faster dry time. It also boasts UPF 50+ maximum sun protection, making it suitable for various activities, from the stream to the street.

    Recycled polyester/rayon/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

  • Sale!

    Orvis Men’s Drirelease L/S Crew Shirt


    Orvis M’s Drirelease Long Sleeve Crew

    NOW ONLY $39.00

    The Orvis drirelease Long-sleeved crewneck T-shirt is our best selling clothing item hands down!. A patented, super-soft blend, drirelease is the optimum blend of wicking cotton fibers and fast drying polyester fibers. This gives the fabric superior moisture management performance that is totally natural, will never wash out, and is good for the life of the shirt. Odor-blocking and eco-friendly OutSmart Fresh helps keep you fresh even after long days on the stream or on the road. Many of us here in the mountains wear these shirts year around. They make a perfect base layer when out skiing, hiking and riding.

  • Sale!

    Orvis Men’s Printed Tech Chambray Shirt- WAS $89-NOW $69


    This camp shirt offers a great combination of style and function. The one-pocket, short-sleeved top is printed with a small trout pattern on our lightweight tech chambray fabric. Not only is it quick-drying, but it also has UPF 30 sun protection and mechanical stretch for maximum comfort while you move around.

    50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Polyester. Washable. Imported.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

  • pro insulated hoodie camo

    Orvis Men’s Pro Insulated Hoodie


    Men's PRO Insulated Hoodie - CAMOUFLAGE image number 4Men's PRO Insulated Hoodie - CAMOUFLAGE image number 7

    The Orvis Pro Insulated product line is engineered to be the finest protection against nature’s most extreme conditions. A combination of technical fabrication and focused design allows this outerwear to excel in even the most unforgiving environments. Take, for example, the PRO Insulated Hoodie. This jacket features body-mapped insulation that ensures an ideal temperature whatever your activity or environment: 80g PrimaLoft® Gold Active insulation (45% recycled content) for warmth around the core, head and arms; alongside Polartec® Alpha® (80g), (55% recycled content), crafted specifically for Special-Ops teams, managing body heat and moisture from side panels to maintain comfort through varying temperatures.

    The Orvis Men’s Pro Insulated Hoodie is crafted with a 20D mechanical stretch ripstop nylon shell and special coatings to boost its wind and weather resistance. It features an abrasion-resistant stretch-woven cuff panel, along with cozy fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets and a zippered chest pocket. There’s also an internal zippered security pocket that you can use as a stuff sack as well. Further, it has a low-profile scuba hood design for comfortable layering while allowing better visibility. Quality YKK® zippers and DWR (Durable Water Repellent). Washable

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

  • Orvis Men’s River Guide 2.0 Longsleeve Shirt


    On or off the water, you’ll appreciate the cool, cotton-rich comfort of the new Orvis River Guide 2.0 Long-Sleeved Shirt. Now wrinkle resistant, it’s perfect for travel, too. Finished with two button-through chest pockets, adjustable cuffs, and a shaped hem.

    Cotton/recycled nylon/spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

  • Orvis Men’s Ultralight Jacket


    Our most popular Men’s Wading Jacket got a substantial moisture-management upgrade in 2023

    Orvis made a weatherproofing upgrade to the Men’s Ultralight Wading Jacket for 2023! The new burlier waterproof, breathable membrane on the inner liner will surely enhance the moisture-management capabilities of the jacket. The extended rain protection and improved durability will make it even more versatile for various outdoor activities. The two-way stretch, three-layer shell fabric with a 20K Waterproofness/20K Breathability rating is impressive and offers both comfort and durability. The fully taped seams add an extra layer of weatherproofing, ensuring that users stay dry and protected in challenging conditions. The stowable design also makes it convenient to carry in a small daypack or sling pack. Overall, it seems like a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for reliable protection in a lightweight package.

    Integrated neoprene cuffs prevent water from running up the arm when releasing fish or working overhead in camp. Featherlight at just 15.8oz with a slightly longer cut than the original.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).

  • Orvis Mens Pro Fishing Jacket


    Men’s PRO Fishing Jacket - image number 5

    The Orvis Men’s Pro Fishing Jacket is designed specifically to withstand years of fishing trips, rather than one single season, this men’s PRO Fishing Jacket is an advanced piece of apparel. Constructed out of powerful three-layer stretch CORDURA® fabric, it provides top-tier protection against abrasions and punctures while also providing optimal comfort and flexibility for casting and rowing. This fabric delivers a remarkably soft feel that is unmatched by other fabrics from both a durability and comfort point of view.

    Finding a fabric to meet the highest standards of comfort and durability was paramount for our design team, which is why the Orvis Men’s Pro Fishing Jacket has become a gold standard. Using over-engineered protection from the elements, including a YKK AquaGuard® zipper, fully taped seams and an extended length in its design, the jacket also includes an internal cuff that offers watertightness when submerged yet feels softer than neoprene.

    No other pocketing design can compare to this one, with two upper hand pockets, dual chest pockets with zipper garages for tool docking and an internal security pocket. Additionally part of its PRO System are pit zips that offer access to a PRO Bib or Waders without needing to take off your jacket. Furthermore, it also comes with a three-point storm hood that can be tightened in strong winds or wide-open throttle situations, plus hidden hardware that keeps lines from getting in your way when casting.

    Items not in stock are shipped directly from the manufacturer within 24 hours. We can also accommodate 2 day and overnight shipping on special requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 970-845-8090 or 

  • orvis mens pro sun hoodie

    Orvis Mens Pro Sun Hoodie


    Stay cool and comfortable with the Orvis Men’s  PRO Sun Hoodie. a UPF 50 hoodie crafted with lightweight Polartec® Power Grid bi-component knit fabric, it ensures rapid evaporation and maximum sun protection, rated at UPF 50+. Side gussets allow unrestricted movement while integrated thumb holes protect your hands from the sun. Plus, Polygiene® odor control technology allows for extended wear without worry. It also features a concealed pocket hidden in the side seam (Marine and Moon colors only). Active fit retains shape after several washes.

    Sizes S(34-36), M(38-40), L(42-44), XL(46-48), XXL(50-52).