Fishing Report For: Week of
September 28, 2022

Excellent conditions Below Dillon and green Mountain reservoirs.

The Blue River has three distinct sections that are very different from each other.  The upper section begins on top of Hoosier pass and winds its way through Breckenridge into the Dillon reservoir.  this upper section is a freestone fishery with smaller browns and rainbows that are easily caught on dry flies.

The Middle Blue River runs from below Dillon reservoir to Green Mountain reservoir.  This section is probably the most popular because of it’s very easy access (including behind the Silverthorne Outlet stores). This section of the blue below Dillon is a Tail water fishery that sees a lot of fishing pressure throughout the Year.  Midges, Mysis shrimp and annelids are the predominant food source for these rather large and elusive Trout.

Better fishing down stream of Silverthorne along HWY 9 headed towards Kremmling.  There are numerous DOW access points along the stretch headed to Green Mountain.  The Lower river begins below Green Mountain reservoir and confluences with the Colorado river 15 miles downstream, this lower section is best known for its “Jurassic Park” section that is only accessible by raft and a competent oarsman.  There is wading access just below the Green Mountain dam.

9/28/22- This is one of Colorado’s best known tailwater fisheries.  And is a great wintertime fishery. Consistent water temps mean Trout are feeding more regularly.  We guide this river on Full walk/wade trips.  Flows below Dillon Reservoir are around 60 CFS  which is a bit on the low side. but makes for good sight fishing. The best fishing water on the Blue starts below Dillon reservoir and heads north to Green Mountain reservoir. The stretch right below Dillon res. runs through some interesting business areas (Silverthorne Outlet stores). However there are VERY large trout in this section. The fishing here is done with mostly small midges, BWO’s, Annelids, and Mysis shrimp.

The blue becomes of a traditional trout stream the more you go north from the outlet stores. There is a lot of Colorado Dept. of Parks and Wildlife access the further north you go.  Here you will see hatches of Caddis, Stoneflies and very productive Terrestrial opportunities.  The Blue is a world class Trout river.  Below Green Mountain is at about 155 CFS. Flows are lower the the annual average, and this has the trout podded up in the deeper slower holes. We do guide the Blue on Full days only as the drive will make it worth while. Jurassic Park is not currently  floatable, but may be soon.

Recommended Patterns:

Nymphs: Barr Emerger BWO #18-22, Black Beauty #20-24, Black Brook Sprout Midge size #20-22, Tungsten BH Zebra Midge red, purple and black #18-24, Mysis Shrimp size 16-20. Eggs, RS-2 Black and Grey #18-24,  Squirminators #12 Fly Formerly #14-18, BH Pheasant Tail #16-22, Disco Midges red/green #18-22, Ju Ju Beatis #16-20

Dries: Hopper patterns, Olive Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, PMD’s #16, parachute Adams #14-18, rusty Spinners #12-16 Chernobyl Ants #8-12, Triple Doubles #16-20


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