Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise

Brown Trout release Feb 115th2016

Springtime in the Mountains-A Flyfisher’s Paradise. The days are getting longer and the bugs are hatching on the rivers, a fly fisher’s paradise.  In the last few days the shop has been overrun with local as well as the visitors in the know, the fishing has been off the charts. As we begin to average daily water temperatures in the low 40-degree range there is a buzz in the air.  That would be the buzz of Blue Winged Olive mayflies.  Every spring as anglers we anxiously await this awakening of the river for the consistent daily hatches that signal the start of both the dry fly fishing as well as the chance to start chucking big streamers for big Trout.  The Eagle, Colorado, Roaring Fork/Frying Pan rivers as well as few of our favorite creeks that shall remain anonymous have come into prime srping condition a bit ahead of usual again for the 2nd year in a row.  You wont hear any of us compain about great  Fly fishing.

In the last several days the people coming through the shop are beginning to segue from the size 22 midges into the size 8, 10 & 12 Stone fly imitations and the size 18 Blue winged Olive Nymphs.  Just yesterday on the lower eagle River near the Town of eagle I witnessed the first BWO hatch of spring, nearly 3 weeks ahead of schedule (what do bugs know about keeping schedules) The 6x tippets are now 4-5x.  It has often been said that even a blind man can catch Trout this time of year, while maybe a bit farfetched it rings true to the reckless abandonment when it comes to the fish’s feeding habits.  Many a guide has said that if you want to get someone hooked on the sport, spring is the best time.  More and more water is becoming fishable each day and the boats are making their way to parts of the rivers that have been sitting untouched since Fall.  While you never completely abandon the Midge box, now is the time to dust off the Streamer briefcase and dig out the May fly boxes.  The Orvis Helios 2 996-4 Saltwater rod is now permanently in the car along with the 905-4 Recon all ready for whatever the days ahead offer. Dries or Streamers, that’s the question of the day.  As I complete the only non-fishing item of my day for today the guys are hooking up the drifty and we are off to the lower Colorado! Peace out, tight lines. Man I love this time of year!

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