Gear Review: Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod “The Name says it All”

Gear review: Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod “The Name says it All”

Butter Stick Fly Rod

It’s not often that you go out and purposely track down the most affordable rod in a category to use. Especially when you have all the “Pro deals” at your disposal.  That was until our Redington rep Van Rollo practically had to force us to try the Butter Stick from Redington.  Man ae we glad he did force us to cast that rod out in the parking lot last Summer!  The name says it all.  There has been a huge resurgence in the slow action Fiberglass rods over the last few years to say the least.  But these glass rods are far from what I was taught to fish with 40 years ago.  Much lighter in the hand and not nearly as clumsy either.  Of course the price tags on today’s glass reincarnations are not nearly the same as the old school rods either. Many of the newest glass rods hitting the shelves the last couple of years are carrying price tags similar to the high modulus thermal plastic, Nan- resign…However that’s what has set the Butter Stick apart from the completion.  At a very affordable $249.00 the Redington Butter stick is a soft on the wallet as it is on the cast.  We have a bunch of guides who own these fun to fish dry fly small creek rods, but that’s not all!  We have found that because of the very nimble flex features of the Butter Stick these rods are becoming a favorite of the gang who like to chase after the oversized behemoths of the areas tail water trophy fisheries as well.  The 8 ft. 5Wt. 3-piece Butter stick is really great at protecting the 7X tippets that are often required in those situations as well as playing larger fish in a way that gives the angler more control of the battle. My favorite the 6Ft. 2wt. 3-piece rod is the best rod I have used for the smaller streams and reeks in the valley when fishing dry flies in as long as I can remember. Do yourself a favor and slip into your local fly shop and give one of these slick casting nimble rods a try and you will be very pleasantly surprised. As I get set to put on today, for a float on the Eagle River near vail the Butter Stick will almost certainly find a spot in the boat.

I’m not a true-blue fiberglass convert, but I do love the way a glass rod feels, particularly on small water. The Butter Stick answers that “throw-back” call of the backcountry, but, truth be told, it’s no less effective than your average light-weight graphite rod. Yes, you have to slow your cast, and be a bit more deliberate — but that’s to the beauty of glass, right? And, when a sizeable trout comes calling, the fiberglass rod lets you truly feel the head shakes and the runs.

It’s definitely not your Grand dads glass, but a ton of fun regardless.

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