Gear Review of the New Orvis Access Waders/Boots

The Orvis Access Wading Boot – Rubber, as with Orvis wading boots before it, is designed to accommodate the needs of the professional fishing guide. Those who have fished for decades trust the Orvis brand, and with good reason—the boots are comfortable and durable, and feature plenty of highly necessary traction. The Access Wading Boot – Rubber is outfitted with a “revolutionary” new outsole that features dual-durometer Vibram® compounds and an Orvis proprietary lug pattern to create optimal traction in even the wettest conditions.

The boots also include the brand’s Posi-Grip screw-in studs that can be added if more traction is needed. Along with all other components of these boots, the studs are designed to ensure excellent abrasion resistance and complete durability. The minimal seaming, for example, adds to the boots’ performance, while the molded toecap is glued in addition to being stitched down. And those are just some of the features.

When you wear these boots, you can rest assured knowing they’ll hold up no matter how far you have to hike to your favorite fishing spot. They provide great ankle support and insulation without weighing feet down or causing blisters. This is true even if you wear them day in, day out for a week.

The boots’ studs are perfect for fast-moving water, as they provide a better sense of security so you can focus on fishing instead of getting swept away. If you use the studs, you probably won’t have need for your wading staff. However, know that the metal slugs must be screwed in if fishing on slippery rocks; otherwise you’ll find it hard to keep your balance.

The Access Wading Boots – Rubber keep their promise, and hold up very well no matter the conditions. Bring them with you on your next fishing adventure and know you’ve got yourself a great pair of boots that won’t let you down, even if the water gets rough or the miles to the next spot seem unending.

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