Review of Smith Chromapop lenses

Since Smith Optics first introduced the ChromaPop lenses in late 2014 we have had ample time to put them to the test as well as getting feedback from our customers. The jury is in and we are more than impressed with these lenses performance on the water.  ChromaPop “Super lens” is the first major step forward in optical technology in over 10 years. The lack of color confusion that ChromaPop lenses creates is very noticeable when especially sight fishing the rivers. There also seems to be more ease on the eyes by the end of a long day fishing. By blocking specific color wave intersections as they pass through the lens, ChromaPop is able to eliminate color confusion, so your brain is recognizing true color, faster. ChromaPop optimizes color and increases clarity, enabling you to see the outside world with an unparalled level of vibrance. Definitely well worth the price and now with 21 frame styles for every size and shape of face.

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