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The World fly fishing championships started in 1983, and believe it or not the first winners that year were the Dutch!
Since then, the championships have gained serious momentum, and there has been a WFFC every single year since that fateful day back in 1983. The world flyfishing championship 2016 will be held right here in Vail Valley from 11 through 17 September!!

More and more countries are entering this prestigious event every year, and the techniques to extract fish from the currents are developing on a daily basis.

As in many sports, there are always teams that always seem to end up in the top 5 year in, year out, its the same in competitive fly fishing. The Czechs, the Polish, the Spanish, the Italians and of course the French are generally referred to as the ‘’big five’’, and you can pretty much set your watch to at least one of those countries ending up on the podium every year!!

Longer, lighter rods, thinner, lighter fly lines, super thin tippet and of course SUPER heavy bugs are slowly creeping out of competitive anglings mysterious inner sanctum, and into the everyday anglers line up, and the same equipment is also finding its way into your ‘’regular’’ fly shop, why? BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!

Love it or hate it, competition style nymphing will greatly increase your catch rates, giving you more fish in the net, as well as larger, more harder to catch fish also!

Fly Fishing Outfitter in Avon, are the exclusive suppliers of my own range of competition style bugs, tied with the very best quality barbless hooks, and custom made 98% tungsten beads, and of course each and every one of these bugs are tied by my own hand, not in some far away destination in bulk.

Having guiding for FFO & John Packer, and after running several “Global Nymphing” clinics right behind the store last year, the interest in these techniques int he Valley became obvious very quickly. John and I have now teamed up to provide you, the angler a full range of my flies, and the correct equipment to get involved in this exciting type of river angling. FFO are also stocking a complete range of jig style hooks and the correct beads to compliment them in the shop.

Jig hooks are designed to ride with the point of the hook facing upwards, this is to avoid snagging the river bed, and also to increase your hook set/caught fish ration dramatically! The slotted tungsten beads ensure that your flies will spend far more time where they belong, IE: on the bottom of the river, increasing your drift time hugely, and of course keeping your flies in the strike zone WAY longer than splitshot ! Want to learn more about the upcoming World championships or volunteer please check out WFFC website for more information

2016 World Fly Fishing Championships

As with many things, you have to be in it, to win it, give this truly exciting technique a try!!!

Jason Lieverst
Jason Lieverst,

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  1. I’m planning on doing a lot of fishing myself this summer. I liked this post, and I didn’t realize that longer, lighter rods, and thinner, lighter fly lines are the way to go. If the pros are using it, then I would say that’s a pretty good reason to as well. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. traditional patterns really are not that good.
    Everyone is using Super attractor weighed nymphs.

    I started doing this and found out larger weighted flies not matching the hatch has given me 50 plus trout days in 4 hours. Rainbows or Browns. It they are not sipping go very deep, bright and big.



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