New Orvis Recon Fly rods

Stopping my my fly shop can be a gambling affair. You never know who just got back from where and “you gotta go,” what fly is hot for the time being or what new gear you need to caress with your own hands. But rest assured, there is always something new to fondle. The new Recon line of fly rods from Orvis was the object of angler’s desire this day.

Hutch Hutchinson, the Orvis Southwest Regional Business Manager, made an unscheduled stop to show off the Recon rods he was carrying. The immediate reaction was pleasant from the feel of the cork to the surface appearance of the rod. The customary wiggle wobbles were applied inside the shop, but a little coaxing by John Packer, owner of Fly Fishing Outfitters, was all we needed to take the 5weight Recon outside.

Exchanging the constraints of the fly shop for the partially empty parking lot opened up a true to form exercise for walking the rods through their paces. Hutch was playing “Devil’s advocate” by toting along a 5 weight H2 for comparison, not exactly and apples to apples comparison but a rod we all were familiar with. The Recon held its own during the brief “Pepsi challenge” the guides put the rod through. Guides would shout out targets for who ever held the rod. Rolling bumper tarpon at 10:00 o’clock and the caster would flex the Recon thrusting the electrified fly line towards the imaginary target. Tailing Redfish tree stump at 3:00 o’clock. Another guide would double haul the fly line accelerating towards the unsuspecting quarry.

The ocean breeze just kicked up and is pushing your cast hard to the left. Forcing the Recon into overdrive the 5-weight rod bucks at the gusting air but manages to loop of a respectable cast of 25 yards in the heavy winds. Turning our backs to the forceful gale we bombed out dry fly casts with the extra distance to reach any rising trout in the river. The Recon felt good in our hands, with enough backbone for nymphing, the strength to turn over small streamers and a delicate touch for any dry fly angler. The Recon fills a niche in the fly rod industry very well.

Recon freshwater fly rods are offered in 3-6 weights. The 3 wt. is an 8’4” dry fly dream. Most of the other Recon freshwater fly rods are 9’, although the ever-popular 5 wt. comes in 8’6” and 9’. Recon rods are available in saltwater configurations too. All of the recon saltwater fly rods are 9’ in length with a selection of weights from 7-10.

At a price point where you can still manage to afford a few leftover dollars for a guide on your next trip. The asking price for the freshwater Recon is $425.00 and the saltwater fly rods are $450.00. Stop into Fly Fishing Outfitters and test drive one for yourself. The Recon is sure to become the next object of your own desire.

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