Female instruction in fly fishing is an important comfort not considered prior.

Women’s Guided Fishing Tours: Benefits of All-Women Instruction

Fly fishing is for everyone. It doesn’t require special physical skills but only asks that all anglers display their patience, observation skills, and attention to detail. Timing and finesse, not speed and power are the key elements to becoming a great fly-fisher.

While fly-fishing was traditionally a mostly male-oriented sport, it doesn’t have to be that way—and is increasingly less so. There have been several women who have made huge impact on Fly fishing. Joan Wulff “The first lady of fly-fishing” being the most famous and highly respected pioneers in the sport. There are many women who have followed in Joan’s footsteps and as the sport continues to grow so does the impact of women in the sport.

A growing number of women are turning to fly fishing and find that they are loving it. Some choose to join all-women guided fishing tours to enjoy female camaraderie and the sense of belonging to a like-minded group. Others opt for mixed groups and happily compete with male anglers in casting skills and catches.

We can provide women’s guided fishing tours for groups of women who like to be among other women. Whether it’s a group of friends, colleagues, or relatives, we will take you to amazing locations where fish abound. You get to benefit from the expert advice of our fly-fishing experts and share your experience with your female companions.

What Are the Benefits of All-Women Instruction?

A Bonding Experience

Fly-fishing with an all-women team can be a wonderful bonding experience. You can create memories while being in the water and develop your skills with like-minded female friends.

A female guide with an all-women team of prospective anglers can share their passion for fly-fishing in their own way and make friends. There is a certain degree of liberty and freedom to be had by being able to laugh, fish, and share memories surrounded by women.

Fly Fishing Outfitter’s Guide Amber Leach

Trying Something New Without Any Judgment

Women may feel judged when they are trying a new experience among men. Because fly-fishing used to be male-oriented, women often feel that their attempts at casting and fly-fishing could be judged and perhaps even ridiculed by seasoned male anglers.

An all-women team provides the security for a woman to truly be herself. She can try something new with the knowledge that she won’t be evaluated by men for her angling techniques. There is a sense of intimacy and companionship that can only be felt with an all-women group.

A Supportive, Non-Competitive Environment

Many female groups who have joined Fly Fishing Outfitters for guided tours just wanted to share valuable time and try a new experience. They wanted to do so in a non-competitive environment without the need to prove themselves or compare the sizes of their catch.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors and discovering new nooks and crannies in the Colorado wilderness, then a fly-fishing guided tour with only women will likely appeal to you. You will get to enjoy nature from a different standpoint, together with your girlfriends, colleagues, and relatives.

Our catch-and-release approach supports this non-competitive environment and delivers the thrill of fly-fishing without the ambitious side that is sometimes displayed.

Understand Jokes and All-Women Humor

Just like men love to make jokes between and about themselves, so do women. You can organize an all-women group and gently tease each other about your casting skills, balance, waders, and catch.

Women like to make innuendos and jokes about themselves and like to share this humor with like-minded female friends. A fly-fishing guided tour provides plenty of opportunities for sharing funny moments.

Disconnect from the World and Focus on You

Fly-fishing doesn’t require physical strength. You just need skills, patience, grace, and careful observation. While you will be catching your trout, you can focus on yourself. Take in the views with your female companions, appreciate the silence and the movement of the waters, and give in to the elegance of angling.

Our Catch-and-Release Policy

Our catch-and-release policy will help qualm any misgivings you might have about fly fishing. Your female guide will take your line, unhook the fish, and release it again in the wild. That makes our fly-fishing tours more humane. It also ensures the survival of the fish for future anglers and for the whole ecosystem around Vail, Colorado.

Trust Fly Fishing Outfitters for Your All-Women Guided Tour

Let us know what your expectations are and we will organize the best fly-fishing guided tour for your all-girls team. Our guides will take you to rivers, streams, and creeks to discover the beauty of Colorado and the engaging challenge of fly fishing. Call us at (970) 845-8090, contact Fly Fishing Outfitters online to learn more about our fly fishing schools and instruction, or visit us at 1060 W Beaver Creek Blvd, Avon, CO 81620 to book your trip. We cater to beginners as well as experienced anglers and provide all the gear and equipment necessary for the trip. You can book a half-day or full-day trip. We organize our fly-fishing tours all year round, as long as the weather permits. You can enjoy plenty of activities, such as hiking, biking, walking, and even skiing, and still have plenty of time for including a fly-fishing trip in your itinerary.

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