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  • TFO Springbrook Aluminum Collapsible Wading Staff



    TFO Springbrook Aluminum Collapsible Wading Staff

    The temple Fork Outfitters Springbrook aluminum wading staff is an excellent choice for anglers looking for added stability on the river. The staff is made from lightweight anodized aluminum tubing that is connected with an adjustable steel cable. It is compact yet durable enough to keep you from falls and slips.

    The staff comes with an ergonomic rubber grip handle and adjustable web wrist loop that attaches to the neoprene pouch. The removable rubber-coated recoil lanyard snaps to the wading staff and then to the storage pouch, the neoprene storage pouch easily slips onto most wading belts. Unscrew the aluminum cap to reveal a camera mounting post.

    The TFO Wading Staff is a great choice for anglers of all levels who are looking for added stability and safety on the river.

  • The All New Orvis Helios D Fly Rod


    Introducing the revolutionary Helios, a groundbreaking innovation that surpasses the accuracy of its predecessor, the Helios 3, by a remarkable fourfold. Outshining all other competitors in the industry, this phenomenal advancement was made possible by our ingenious designers who tackled the challenge of tip displacement, a notorious obstacle to achieving precision. When the forward cast is executed, the release of energy can cause the rod tip to oscillate along both horizontal and vertical axes, thereby compromising the accuracy of the cast. With a remarkable increase in hoop strength and a significant reduction in vibration along the blank, the new Helios has successfully conquered tip displacement, resulting in an unprecedented level of accuracy. Prepare to experience an unparalleled transfer of energy from your hand to the fly, delivering laser-like precision with unmatched smoothness. 

    The incredible new Helios is 4X more accurate than Helios 3—the previous undisputed industry benchmark—and leaves all other competitors even farther behind. To achieve this quantum leap in accuracy, our designers
    had to solve for one of the main enemies of precision: tip displacement. When the energy of the forward cast is released, it can cause the rod tip to wobble around the horizontal and vertical axes—reducing the accuracy of the cast. The new Helios displays dramatically increased hoop strength and minimized vibration along the blank, leading to a radical reduction of tip displacement. The result is a precise, smooth energy transfer from your hand
    to the fly and laser-like precision.

  • The All New Orvis Helios F Fly Rod



    The HELIOS™ F series offers increased sensitivity,
    optimized for delicate presentations and tippet protection

    The incredible new Helios is 4X more accurate than it’s predecessor Helios 3—the previous undisputed industry benchmark—and leaves all other competitors even farther behind. Outshining all other competitors by an even greater margin, the Helios achieves an unprecedented level of accuracy. The ingenious minds behind its creation were faced with the challenge of combating tip displacement, a major obstacle in achieving optimal precision. When the force of the forward cast is unleashed, it often causes the rod tip to sway both horizontally and vertically, resulting in diminished accuracy. However, the new Helios boasts an extraordinary increase in hoop strength and effectively minimizes vibration along the rod, resulting in a remarkable reduction of tip displacement. The outcome is an impeccable transfer of energy from your hand to the fly, guaranteeing laser-like precision and a flawlessly smooth experience.






  • Thunderhead Submersible Chest Pack – | Fishpond


    The Fishpond Thunderhead submersible chest pack is the perfect way to keep your gear safe and dry while you’re out on the water. This tough and durable pack is made from 900D TPU coated NewStream fabric, so it can stand up to anything the elements throw at it. The ThunderheadChest Pack delivers a waterproof carry system that’s designed to hold all of the essential gear you need for a day on the water, including a net holster for your long or short handled net. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with our backpacks and can be lashed to your boat for quick and secure storage. So whether you’re hitting the river for a day of fishing or paddling through some rough waters, the Fishpond Thunderhead chest pack has got you covered.


    We’re not just sustainability enthusiasts here at Fishpond. It’s more than that – it is our guiding mantra and promise to do better, which led us to repurposing nylon fishing nets for use in making fly boxes ten years ago; fully recycled fly box material comprised of polyester cloths with informed PE ends created by NewStream fabric made entirely from 100% post-consumer HDPE plastic bottles after they have been dry enough on their own without any additional ingredients or chemicals added during processing

  • UGP Magneto Fly Boxes from Umpqua


    Umpqua Feather Merchants UPG (Umpqua Professional Guide) Fly Boxes are renowned among fly anglers for their innovative design and exceptional quality. These fly boxes are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of both professional guides and recreational anglers alike.

    The Magneto boxes are the perfect Midge boxes with strong magnets great for small to tiny fly storage. Foam rims surrounding 3 & 6 separate magnetic compartments give you a place to stick go-to bugs for quick access. There is no better option for all those small flies than the Magneto.


    Mini 5.5″ x 3.4″ X .75″

    Large 7.25″ x 4′ x .75″

  • Umpqua Bandoleir Sling Pack


    Looking for a versatile and stylish sling pack for your next fly fishing adventure? Check out the Umpqua Bandolier Sling Pack! This great pack is perfect for wading, as it keeps your essential gear within reach while you’re in the water. Sling packs keey your flies and accessories above the waist for deeper wading situations.

    The Umpqua Bandolier Sling Pack features a main compartment with water-resistant zip closure, so you can be sure your gear stays dry. With 300 Cubic Inches of space, there is room for multiple fly boxes and plenty accessories . There’s also an exterior zippered pocket for quick access to small items like tippets or sunglasses. Integrated retractor stations for nippers, and drying patch. Foam fly patch and hemostat tabs. The sling strap is adjustable, so you can wear it over your shoulder or across your chest for a comfortable fit.

    Made of durable fabric with a handsome design, the Umpqua Bandolier Sling Pack is a great choice for the serious fly fisherman. Get yours today and be ready for your next fishing trip! Made of durable 420 Denier Nylon

  • Umpqua Beginner Fly Tying Kit

  • Umpqua Boat Bag – Fly Fishing – Medium Boat Bag


    Looking for a safe and dry place to store your fly fishing gear? Check out the Umpqua Medium Waterproof Boat Bag. This bag is made with waterproof fabric and features a YKK waterproof zipper, making it the perfect way to keep your gear protected from the elements. The boat bag design is perfect for storing all of your fly fishing essentials, and Umpqua’s reputation for quality craftsmanship means you can count on this bag to last for years to come. Don’t let a little water stop you from enjoying your time on the river – pick up an Umpqua Medium Waterproof Boat Bag today!

  • Umpqua Dream Stream Clamp


    Dream Stream is a line of high quality, elegant, and dependable tools. All these tools are made using surgical grade stainless steel from Japan. The dream stream makes every cut, crimp and clamp on the water very effectively. It is a must-have accessory for tail water anglers who want to fish tiny flies. Here are the primary features of the Dream Stream Sring Creek Clamp.

    • Made of Japanese surgical grade stainless steel
    • Ultra fine clamp
    • It has smooth jaws
    • Available in Matte Black and anodized red finishes
    • Crimp barbs down to size 26
  • Umpqua Ledges 500 and 650 waist pack – Chest pack, fly-fishing, Umpqua


    If you’re looking for a versatile and comfortable waist pack that can carry everything you need, look no further than the Umpqua Ledges Waist Pack. This pack features a well-padded back panel and waist belt that provides all-day comfort, even when you’re carrying a heavy load. The main compartment is large enough to hold 4 fly boxes, and the stretch mesh pockets on the front are perfect for holding smaller items like tippet and leaders. Plus, there’s an integrated net slot and hemostat sheath for easy storage and access to your most important tools. Whether you’re hitting the trails for a day hike or heading out for a day of fishing, the Ledges Waist Pack has everything you need to make your adventure a success.


  • Umpqua Overlook Chest Pack – Fly Fishing Gear | CHEST PACKS


    The Umpqua Overlook 500 Chest Pack is the perfect gear bag for the avid fly fisherman. With plenty of space to store all of your essential equipment, this chest pack is functional and stylish. The main compartment has enough room for multiple fly/streamer boxes, while the front pockets are perfect for holding accessories, I phone, and other smaller items. The two side pockets provide additional storage for tippet, leaders, weights, indicators, and other accessories.

    The Overlook pack is equipped with Umpqua’s ZeroSweep retractor stations, perfect for nippers, fly drying patch, or floatant bottle holder. The padded/mesh back and 4-point shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear, even when fully loaded. There is also a net holster on the back. The Umpqua Overlook 500 Chest Pack is the ultimate gear bag for any fly fisherman who wants to be prepared for anything on the water.

  • Umpqua Rock Creek chest pack – | Umpqua


    The Umpqua Rock Creek Chest Pack is perfect for the minimalist angler who doesn’t want to sacrifice function for style. This sleek and stylish chest pack is designed to keep your essentials close at hand while you’re wading in the creek or river. The Rock Creek features a robust zip closure, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a wading belt for a secure and comfortable fit. Inside the main compartment, you’ll find ample storage for flies, tippets, leaders, and other small items. And outside, there are two zippered pockets for holding sunglasses, sunblock, or your cell phone. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time fly fisherman, the Umpqua Rock Creek Chest Pack will help you keep your gear organized and within easy reach.

  • Umpqua Steamboat Sling Pack


    The Umpqua Steamboat Sling Pack is perfect for anglers who want a backpack that is comfortable and leaves their hands free. This sling pack has a thumb-loop for easy carrying, and a large main compartment that can hold a light rain jacket, lunch, and large streamer box. There is also a secondary face pocket for accessory organization and smaller box storage. The Steamboat ZS2 sling pack is perfect for spey and switch fishermen who want to be able to access their essentials quickly and easily, when deep wading.

  • UPG Boat Box from Upmqua


    Put all your flies/Streamers in one organizes storage unit with a Boat box from Umpqua. Each box features slotted foam internally on the top and bottom lid, and unlike other boxes on the market, one external slotted foam sheet for easy drying, organizing or quick access while behind the oars. The thick durable foam features fly placement guides to easily identify where the slots are located.

    Magnum / 16.5” x 12” x 4.5”

    Ultimate / 13” x 10” x 3.5”

    Baby / 10” x 8” x 3”

  • UPG Daytripper Foam Fly Boxes from Umpqua


    Umpqua Feather Merchants UPG (Umpqua Professional Guide) Fly Boxes are renowned among fly anglers for their innovative design and exceptional quality. These fly boxes are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of both professional guides and recreational anglers alike.

    The Daytripper fly boxes offer versatile mix of foam and magnetic fly storage in a thin box fit for a range of dries, nymphs, and even small streamers. The Umpqua Daytripper Fly Box holds a day’s worth of flies for any scenario the river can throw at you. The unique mix of fly storage options makes this a great box for everyday use. The Daytripper boxes are among our best selling boxes.

    The Daytripper Foam Boxes come in 2 sizes:

    large  7.25″ x 4″ x 0.9″  and mini 5.5″ x 3.4″ x 0.9″