Orvis Hydros Bank Shot Intermediate Sink Tip


The Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip is the best solution for the fly fisherman who wants to throw under penetrating conditions or to large flies in impassable places. Whether you want to throw underhand or throw where you are required to leave your fly rod immediately and deliver your fly with precision on the opposite bank.

If you find it challenging to keep your fly line free in the back throw or simply struggle while throwing, the Orvis hydros bank shot sink tip is the right solution to your entire fly fishing requirements.

The line consists of a short, heavy curve with a front band that can twist even with the largest sea trout or salmon flies in the creek, and where the curve gives your line an incredible speed so that it can be shot far and efficiently.

The line comes in a variety of styles so you can find the one that exactly suits your fishing water needs. The line has a short but heavy head with an 8’ fast sink tip and a 5 ips sink rate. It loads the rod fast and minimizes the chances of false casts.

The line is coated with AST dry slick technology (self-lubricating) so that it does not dry out and dirt and algae do not easily settle on the line. In other words, it is a fly line that releases lubrication so that your fly line lasts longer and offers less resistance and therefore a longer and more precise fly cast can be fired efficiently.

A line that you see in several different identities so you can find the one that exactly suits your water needs. Loops and finished marking is given by the company to quickly identify the line any time. It is great for one time casts and for delivering large flies, single hand spey and roll casts.

The Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip line is equipped with dual welded loops for an easy and seamless connection to the leader and backing. The color of the line changes at 30’ and the black sing olive tip has a total length of 90’. The Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip is made in the USA.

The line is designed for use in moderate and cold temperatures. It is available in the three color options and 7 weight options. You can choose the color and weight option

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Hydros® Bank Shot Sink Tip - image number 2

The Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip is a highly versatile and quick shooting fly line for fly fishing. The fly line is useful and suitable for a variety of situations in fly fishing. It is great for single casts to a bank and able to deliver large flies, single hand spey and roll casts. It features a small and heavy head with an 8’ fast sink tip having a 5 ips rate of sink. Here are the main features of the hydros bank shot sink tip fly line.

  • Powerful head to minimize false casts
  • AST slickness coating
  • Color change at 30′. Line length 90′
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Orvis Line ID for quick and easy identification
  • Available in weights 5-11
Hydros Bank Shot Full Sink5wt6wt7wt8wt9wt10wt11wt
Front Taper5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′
Rear Taper2′2′2′2′2′2′2′
Handling Line20′20′20′20′20′20′20′
Running Line46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′
Total Length90′90′90′90′90′90′90′
Total Head Length23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′
Grain Wt @30′210239270299316330350

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Orange/Willow, Black/Olive


5 WT, 6 WT, 7 WT, 8 WT, 9 WT, 10 WT, 11 WT


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