Orvis Pro Power Tapered Fly Line


Orvis Pro trout is one of the most versatile trout lines available in the market. The line is a superior offering to its previous textured version. The Orvis Pro trout line offers you tons of features that make it the best trout line. Made with compound tapers, it is available to use in a variety of environments.

It comes with a 50-inch head that has a front taper and a powerful belly for easy casting and presentation. It is designed to deliver flies precisely across a range of distances. If you are looking for the next best trout line, there is nothing better than the Orvis Pro trout line.

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The Orvis Pro smooth power taper is designed to load fast-action rods at a half size heavier than the standard grain weight. This version of the taper is an improved alternative to its previous textured version. This Orvis pro power taper line is designed to help anglers deliver the flies with high precision.

The new version of this product comes with an advanced compound taper that offers enhanced versatility. Moreover, the belly is quite powerful allowing anglers to mend on the water easily. There are plenty of powerful features offered in this pro power taper line.

The AST Plus Slickness enables anglers to shoot the line quickly with minimum friction. Welded loops are given on both ends to allow convenient backing attachment. A strong braided core offers high durability and versatility.

The Orvis Pro Trout Smooth line is built for a variety of scenarios. It has a long rear taper that makes it an easy casting line and offers superior mending ability and line control. This product is designed to use in cold and moderate climates, including rivers, streams, lakes, and almost any climate.

These lines come with a 50-inch head, an extended rear taper, and a quiet front taper. All these elements help in long distance casting. The taper and weight of the Orvis Pro trout smooth line emphasize loop stability and line control for delicacy in freshwater resources. The belly of the line is powerful and suitable for mending lines on the water while casting a dry fly or using an indicator.

The 50-inch head excels for mending on long drifts and on water maintenance. The power taper allows loading a rod quickly and deeper than conventional weighted line, helping to improve timing and to enhance the “feel.”
The Orvis line ID easily identifies any line with the taper, its functionality, and weight. The enhanced welded loop makes easy and fast leader attachment while holding up to repetitive use. The loop enables the device to transfer energy to the leader more efficiently, allowing a better turnover.

All the prolines in the Orvis power taper are 90 inches in length and have color sections. The first color section is 8 inches at the stealth tip, the second is 30 inches from the tip, and another is the rear taper and running line. So, with plenty of benefits and powerful features, the Orvis Pro smooth power taper is a product worth buying.

Pro Power Smooth 4wt 5wt 6wt 7wt 8wt
Tip 0.5′ 0.5′ 0.5′ 0.5′ 0.5′
Front Taper #1 5.5′ 6′ 6.5′ 7′ 7′
Belly #1 11.5′ 11.5′ 11.5′ 11.5′ 11.5′
Rear Taper #1 5.5′ 5.5′ 5.5′ 5.5′ 5.5′
Belly #2 16′ 16.5′ 16.5′ 17′ 17′
Running 10.5′ 10.5′ 10.5′ 10.5′ 10.5′
Total Length 90′ 90.5′ 90.5′ 90′ 90′
Total Head Length 49.5′ 50.5′ 51′ 52′ 52′
Grain Wt @30′ 130 150 172.5 197 223

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