5 Reasons Fly Fishing Outfitters is Right For Your Family

fly-fishing-outfitters-vail-colorado-guided-tripsSearching for Guided Fly Fishing Trips in Colorado? If you and your family are super-excited about fly fishing and interested in booking a guided trip, Fly Fishing Outfitters is the company for you! We’re the Orvis-endorsed fly fishing guides of Vail Valley, and are always excited to meet new enthusiasts and help them learn all about fly fishing within the Centennial State. Plus, most of our guides became fishing enthusiasts because we all went fishing as kids with our families, too. Check out five reasons why we’re very, very right for your family’s first fly fishing excursion (and all the ones after):

1) The Most Experienced Guides In Vail Valley

The guides at Fly Fishing Outfitters are easily some of the best in Colorado. Knowledgeable, professional, and Orvis-endorsed, our team has a combined 225+ years’ experience guiding local waters. They monitor river flows closely, inspect water clarity, and review bug hatch movement to ensure the best fishing spots. Most of our guides have been with us for well over a decade, and all are passionate about what they do. Additionally, many of our guides grew up fly fishing in Colorado, and know everything about local waterway intricacies.

2) Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Schools and Clinics

Interested in going to “fly fishing school” before getting out on the water with our guides? We offer a two-day fishing school located along the Eagle River that goes over all the basics you’ll need to know, including:

  • 5 Reasons Fly Fishing Outfitters is Right For Your FamilyEssential knots
  • Fly fishing cast techniques
  • How to choose the right gear and tackle
  • Proper fly selection
  • Stream insect habits
  • River safety
  • How to read currents
  • How to safely land fish
  • How to safely release fish
  • More!

Learn more about our fly fishing schools in Vail.

3) Best Lodging Packages In Colorado

Decided to make a long weekend out of your family fly fishing excursion? We work in conjunction with the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera to provide outstanding, affordable lodging packages. The Lodge features some 7,000 acres of Rocky Mountain wilderness, as well as two restaurants, three championship golf courses, and plenty of other activities to enjoy. This premier lodge is also located nearby to two excellent ski resorts.

4) Exclusive Digital Fishing Map

We’re thrilled to provide our customers with an exclusive digital fishing map. This free PDF app allows you to track your location via GPS, check out detailed descriptions of fishing spots, mark favorite locations, and more. The app is great to have if you’re new to fly fishing, and our guides will be happy to show you how to take advantage of it.

Send an email from your mobile device to ffo@mtxp.net to download the free app. Type ‘map’ in the subject line to receive an auto response email. Open the email through your smartphone to download the PDF Map App, then return to your email to purchase and install maps.

5) Multiple Trip Options For All Skill Levels

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Need another reason to book with us? Check out our excellent trip options. Some of the exciting trips we offer include:

  • Wade & Walk: The Wade & Walk option allows you to meander through trout-filled waters with one of our guides at your side. It provides the option of fishing multiple rivers in the same day, including the Colorado, Frying Pan, Blue, and Roaring Fork Rivers. The scenery is gorgeous, and our guides ensure you stay safe and comfortable throughout.
  • Float Fly Fishing: Rather float your way down a famous Colorado river? Our Float Fly Fishing option is an excellent way to not only experience fly fishing at its best, but also to take in the magnificent scenery that abounds.
  • Private Fishing: Should private fishing trips be your thing, know we have unprecedented access to private waterways.
  • Wedding Fly Fishing: If you’d like to celebrate your wedding against the beauty of Colorado’s rivers and lakes, count on our team to make it happen. We’re happy to tailor trips for six or 60 people, including meals, transportation, photography and video services, and more.

In addition to the above reasons, we also have a store stocked with everything you need to enjoy days of prime fly fishing.

Go with the best family friendly fly fishing outfit in Colorado…Fly Fishing Outfitters! Locally owned and operated out of Avon, CO, we are the only Orvis endorsed guide service in the Vail Valley.  Book your fly fishing trip online today!

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