Getting into Fly Fishing on a Budget

Fly fishing is a very popular sport where the goal is to catch fish using an artificial fly. It’s commonly seen as an expensive hobby, with some of the best fly fishing equipment costing thousands of dollars. 
How do you go about getting into this hobby without breaking the bank? Here are some tips on how to get started without breaking the bank. 

Myth #1. Fly-fishing is just for Trout, NOT true.  You can Fly-fish for every species you can cast a lure at.  In fact, Fly-fishing for Bass may be about as much fun as you can have. I have proved that I can catch more Bass per hour than my former father-in-law with his bait caster. 

Myth #2. You need to be a millionaire to afford to Fly-fish, NOT true.  Fly fishing has gotten much more affordable over the past couple decades. 

Know Your Prey 

No matter where you live and love to fish for there’s a Fly-fishing option available that won’t break your bank.  Understanding what equipment, you’ll need is the first thing.  As a frame of reference if you’re looking to start fishing for trout then a 4-6 wt. rod and line are the best options. In our shop we suggest a 9ft. 5wt. Rod to get into Trout fishing here in Colorado.  If you’re going to target Bass, then a 9ft. 7-8wt. Rod is going to be a good starting point.  If Stripers in the surf are your target species, then a 9ft. 9-11 wt. Rod is going to be good. 

Not all Fly Rod Manufacturers are the Same 

Make sure to do your homework before buying any equipment.  The biggest thing you want to make sure of before making such an important purchase, is the manufacturer’s warranty.  Not all warranties are the same.  In our shop we have made it a point to carry rods from manufacturers that give the best customer service. Many of the rods we carry, the maker will replace the broken section of rod without you having to send them the rod.  Often you are without your rod, possibly for months. Here are some of the better options for buying a Rod/Reel/Line outfit that can get you in the game without going bankrupt.  They come available in Trout as well as larger species configurations.  All have a great replacement warranty. 

Don’t Totally Skimp on Waders/Boots 

I don’t know how many people have come into the shop to buy waders/boots, who had purchased cheap stuff from a big box store only to have them fail after a couple months.  Of course, taking care of your equipment will make it last longer. Being dry and comfortable in the water is pretty much priceless! Most of us here in the mountains choose to buy boots and waders separately (Stocking foot vs. Boot foot waders) During the warmer summer months wearing shorts and wading boots is much more comfortable. In our experience Orvis has had by far the best customer service when it comes to waders. We have seen customers send in some crazy messed up waders, only to end up with new one’s at maybe a small cost. 

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