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  • Smith Hookshot


    Smith hookshot sunglasses offer you full coverage from the sun when you need to spend a lot of time on the water. Smith hookshot sunglasses fall in the category of sports sunglasses that are specially designed to protect your eyes from the water reflection. The sunglasses are equipped with chroma pop polarized lenses that reduce glare and offer 100 percent UV protection to your eyes. Here are the primary features of these hookshot sunglasses.

    • Evolve eco-friendly frame material
    • Medium fit/medium coverage
    • Auto-lock hinges
    • ChromaPop lenses
    • 8 Base lens curvature
  • Smith Longfin Sunglasses


    Smith Longfin sunglasses offer effective protection from the sun and enhance clarity for your eyes, no matter the season or destination. These sunglasses were made for enhanced protection from the water glare in fishing destinations and other water locations. Equipped with Chroma Pop lenses, the Smith Longfin glasses allow you to see natural colors and high clarity views. They come with thin flexible temples that keep them fixed on your eyes, even during high activity events. Here are the main features of Smith longfin sunglasses:

    • Chroma Pop lenses
    • 100% UV protection
    • 6-base lens curvature
    • Flexible and durable TR90 frame
    • Smudge and moisture resistant coating
  • Smith Pathway Sunglasses


    The Smith Pathway Sunglasses are made by Smith optics to let you see crystal clear views of your world. SMITH Optics designs glasses that capture your inner style and talent and show it off to the outside world. A balanced combination of lifestyle and performance, your sunglasses are versatile and able to keep up with all day and rest tasks. Equipped with Chroma pop lenses they have an anti reflective coating that protects your eyes from glare and keeps the dust at bay. The lightweight frame and anti slip nose pads make them comfortable to wear all day long.

  • Smith Redding Sunglassses


    The Smith Redding sunglasses are designed to offer protection to your eyes from UV rays and reflection from water. The sunglasses protect the eyes from glare occurring from reflection of sunlight from the surface of water on fishing destinations. Chroma Pop lenses are used in the Smith Redding sunglasses for enhanced clarity and UV protection for your eyes. Here are the main features of the Smith Redding sunglasses for fly fishing.

    • Techlite polarised lenses
    • ChromaPoP lenses minimize glare
    • Enhanced colors and contrast
    • Scratch resistant glass lenses
    • 100 % UV protection
  • Smith Riptide Sunglasses


    Smith Riptide polarized sunglasses are scratch-resistant and designed to withstand the environmental elements and an active lifestyle. The self-adjusting spring hinges work together with temple pads to keep the glasses fixed on your face. With a hard case and microfiber case, the Smith Riptide sunglasses are the stuff you want for your next adventure. Here are the main features of these sunglasses for eyes.

    • ChromaPop™ Glass polarized lenses.
    • Smudge and moisture-resistant coating
    • Anti-reflective coating for enhanced clarity
    • Lenses reduce the strain on your eyes
    • Medium-large fit, medium coverage
    • Self adjustable spring hinges
  • TFO Axiom 2-X Rod 4-P Blue W/Case


    The Axiom II is a fly rod for everyone. It can be used in a wide range of fishing scenarios. With multiple rod models ranging from 5 to 12 weights, this series has a rod for almost any fishing situation. The 8wt is designed for freshwater and saltwater anglers looking for a well-rounded rod with presentation based casting ability and solid close range accuracy. The TFO Axiom II fly rod weighs only 3.81oz and a swing weight of 81gm2. The Axiom II is one of the lightest 8wt rods on the market. Anglers can feel its light weight while casting, which is ideal for anglers who fish for a few days on water.

  • TFO Axiom A-2 Rod 4-P Green


    The TFO AXIOM II-X fly fishing rod is a perfect combination of power and performance. It is designed to use heavy lines and large flies. The rod is released as a streamer stick, but it is more than a streamer stick. The TFO AXIOM II-X has a great aesthetic appeal and offers high performance on fishing destinations. It comes with an anodized aluminum reel seat that makes it safe to use in saltwater. In addition, there are alignment dots and recoil stripping guides that minimize friction and help anglers to shoot easily.

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    TFO Black Lable Rod 4-P


    TFO Black Lable Rod 4-P

  • TFO NXT Black Label kit


    The TFO NXT Black label is an affordable fly fishing kit for beginners and anglers. The kit is available only in 5 and 8 wt configurations. The TFO NXT Black Label Lit allows casters their pick of sea or river to boast medium to fast action for novices as well as experts. The kit includes a fly line, tapered leader, and a rod so that the newbies don’t need to hem or haw over details. Simply having the TFO NXT kit allows beginners to get to a fishing location and start casting immediately. Here are the main features of this TFO nxt kit.

    • A high-performance fishing kit
    • Durable reconstituted cork will last you many a fishing trip
    • Anodized and chromium-impregnated materials can handle saltwater
    • Medium-fast action provides a forgiving, tip-focused cast
    • Includes a 5wt and 8wt rod
  • Umpqua Dream Stream Clamp


    Dream Stream is a line of high quality, elegant, and dependable tools. All these tools are made using surgical grade stainless steel from Japan. The dream stream makes every cut, crimp and clamp on the water very effectively. It is a must-have accessory for tail water anglers who want to fish tiny flies. Here are the primary features of the Dream Stream Sring Creek Clamp.

    • Made of Japanese surgical grade stainless steel
    • Ultra fine clamp
    • It has smooth jaws
    • Available in Matte Black and anodized red finishes
    • Crimp barbs down to size 26