Essential Fly Patterns For Spring

Essential flies for spring in the Colorado high country 

There really is nothing that compares to spring in the heart of ski country. Skiing/riding the mountain in the morning then catching Trout in the afternoons on the many rivers and creeks. As winter gives way to spring the fishing is about as good as any time of the year. Longer, warmer days and rising water temperatures ignite the trout metabolisms. The Midges of mid-winter are still around, but it’s the Blue Winged Olives, Small black stoneflies and the Mothers’ day Caddis hatches that make for outstanding dry fly fishing. Streamers also provide for red hot action right now. The essential flies for fishing both freestone and tailwater fisheries are many and varied. 

Blue Winged Olives/Beatis- These are the first mayflies of the year and Trout really will key in on them as nymphs/emergers and adults. This is usually some fantastic dry fly fishing. The sizes for the BWO’s is #16-22 depending on the river you’re fishing. 

Stoneflies- As the water temperatures increase into the upper 40’-mid 50’s the Stoneflies become more active and thus more available to the trout. Because of the nature of their dormant state during winter, they are a dark color in the early spring. Nymphing Little black Stone in sizes #10-16 is a great point fly on any nymph rig. 

Mother’s Day Caddis- One of the great hatches on our freestone rivers in spring is the Mother’s Day Caddis. While the Arkansas river is the most ell known river for the hatch. These flies also hatch on the Colorado, Eagle and Roaring Fork rivers in the same numbers. This hatch makes for amazing spring dry fly fishing.  

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