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The new Orvis Mirage LT is a lighter version of the original Orvis Mirage fly reel. The new fly reel is perfectly designed to handle the lighter rods. Although lighter, the fly reel still offers the legendary Orvis Mirage output and performance. It comes with a lighter version of the low maintenance steel and carbon disc drag system that you can adjust easily from zero to full drag by rotating the drag knob.

The Orvis Mirage LT is designed to balance precisely with the light freshwater rods. It is 30 percent lighter and 30 percent narrower than the Orvis Mirage.

The LT also features Type II anodization instead of Type III as on the standard Mirage models. The standard Mirage is certainly a great accomplishment in this regard as most of the coils are Type II, which offers durability and the added benefit of a wider range of colors.
Some of the most notable common features of the two coil families include the fully machined 6061 T6 aluminum construction, titanium shafts, and a stainless steel / sealed carbon brake (albeit less powerful on the LT).

The tall rear brake button has an aggressive surface for even the thinnest and most clumsy fingers. It rotates with modest strength and makes small clicks as it rotates. A little less than a full lap will get you from minimum to maximum resistance, and the button will stop instantly at either end. Also, the minimum resistance has enough tension to prevent nasty kickback if you accidentally remove the thread too quickly with the button improperly set.

The LT is just a lighter version, a well-built and streamlined option that shares some of the features with its predecessor, but is available at a lower price. Although 30% narrower and 30% lighter than the Mirage, this reel is the perfect complement for light rods and uses.

Some of the advantages of the process are a more stable and durable roller that comes in a variety of colors. Some of the features that encompass the two rollers are the complete machining of 6061 T6 aluminum. Sealed carbon brake systems for stainless steel, titanium and USA made products.

When you unwrap this friend the tolerances are backwards, the fit and finish are 9.5 / 10.

If you compare the performance of the LT brake system, it is inferior to the standard Mirage reel. Being short does not make you inferior to your application. The braking force is sufficient.

The rear drag knob of the Orvis Mirage LT reel is large, with a very aggressive surface, so that even the clumsiest and thinnest finger can grab. To go from zero to maximum resistance, it is not necessary to make a full turn.

The brake knob will stop immediately at the maximum or zero end and does not need to be screwed in to release the remaining brake pressure. Even with minimal resistance, it has good tension to contain nasty play if you accidentally try to remove the string quickly if the knob is not properly adjusted.

It is very light and looks very solid when rolled up. You are sure to love the slightly contoured handle. The smoothness is on another level and there is no slack.

In addition, the connection of the coil to the frame is perfectly watertight. What some sensitive anglers may notice are clicking sounds going in and out, which can be irritating and cause some anglers to lose focus.

Removing the coil was initially a separate task on older models. You must unscrew the middle cover to remove the coil. The center cover remains attached to the coil and cannot be dropped or lost. Put it back on the reel frame when you’re ready to fish.

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  • Designed to balance perfectly with lighter freshwater rods
  • Zero start-up inertia and precise low-end control protects light tippets
  • Lighter version of the sealed and maintenance-free carbon and stainless steel disc drag
  • Adjusts from zero to full drag in a single drag knob rotation
  • 30% lighter and 30% narrower than Mirage®
  • Excellent for trout, bass, pike, musky, or carp
  • Strong, yet lightweight, 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Type II anodizing
  • Quick-release spool easily converts from left- to right-hand retrieve
  • Mirage LT I for line weights 1-3; 4.1 oz, 3.1” diameter.
  • Mirage LT II for line weights 3-5; 4.3 oz, 3.4” diameter.
  • Mirage LT III for line weights 5-7; 4.5 oz, 3.7” diameter.
  • Mirage LT IV for line weights 7-9; 5 oz, 4” diameter.
*20-lb. Dacron® backing
WF1 100 yds.*
WF2 75 yds.*
WF3 50 yds.* 150 yds.*
WF4 125 yds.*
WF5 100 yds.* 175 yds.*
WF6 150 yds.*
WF7 125 yds.* 225 yds.*
WF8 200 yds.*
WF9 175 yds.*

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