Orvis Hydros Bank Shot Floating Line


The Hydros Bank Shot Float is designed to offer fast shooting and versatility in a variety of situations. The floating line is great for one time casts and delivering large flies. The Hydros Bank Shot fly line is made of short but strong head that helps it load quickly and minimize the chances of false casts. The Hydros Bank Shot float line is available in 7 weight options. You can choose the one based on your requirements. Here are the main features of the Hydros Bank Shot Floating Lines.

  • Smooth coat with AST slickness
  • Line length is 90’. Color changes at 30’
  • Comes with dual welded loops
  • Short but powerful head to minimize false casts
  • Available in 5 to 11 weights.

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The Hydros Bank Shot Float fly line is a highly versatile and fast action shooting fly line for a variety of situations. You can use it to throw big bait flies to trout when the space of back casting is limited. It is suitable for both still water resources and rivers. If you are fond of fly fishing, the Hydros Bank Shot fly line can be the best tool you can use for long and fast casting in all situations. You can load the rod quickly in any situation while fly fishing.

It features a short but strong head that allows the rod to load quickly and it minimizes the need of false casts. Due to the heavy head section, it looks very different from a normal weight front line. It is great for short range and standard fishing in small calm waters, as well as for casting large streamers in rivers.

Cover a good distance with a standard no-throw throw. However, when you add a sleek double barrel it goes much further. It’s pretty easy to use and also rolls well. The heavy head makes you feel slightly overweight, so you may not like it if you prefer something more subtle.

The Hydros Bank Shot fly line is coated with AST patented dry slick technology that provides continual protection and slickness to the line. The AST slick technology protects the line and helps deliver extra slickness for long distance casting.

The Hydros Bank Shot Float Line comes with dual welded loops that offer a continuous transition between backing and the leader. The Orvis line ID makes the details of the line visible at a glance. The overall length of the Hydros Bank Shot Float Line is 90’ and it boasts a change in color at 30’.

The Hydros Bank Shot Float Line is made in the United States and has a short but heavy head to enable you load it quickly. It is ideal for brushy banks where the possibility of back casts is close to impossible. The fly rod features a braided multifilament core that is suitable for moderate to cold temperatures. Available in seven weight options from 5 to 11, you can choose any option that seems convenient to use.

The Hydros Bank Shot Float Line is available at the Fly Fishing Outfitters website at an affordable price in seven weight options. You can order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep or any other location where delivery services are available.

Hydros®  Bank Shot Float -  image number 2

Hydros Bank Shot Float5wt6wt7wt8wt9wt10wt11wt
Front Taper15.5′15.5′15.5′15.5′15.5′15.5′15.5′
Rear Taper2′2′2′2′2′2′2′
Handling Line20′20′20′20′20′20′20′
Running Line46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′
Total Length90′90′90′90′90′90′90′
Total Head Length23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′
Grain Wt @30′210239270299316330350

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5 WT, 6 WT, 7 WT, 8 WT, 9 WT, 10 WT, 11 WT


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