Galvan Torque Reel


When it comes to unparalleled functionality in fly reels it’s pretty hard to beat Galvan fly Reels.  Because for over 25 years that’s all Galvan has done. Galvan Is family owned and operated in CA.   That’s right, Galvan Reels are 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA by the Galvan Family in Sonora California. When Galvan say’s “Made in the USA” they mean it!

“Our pride in the manufacturing process and passion for the sport have earned us a reputation for excellence. Every Galvan fly reel is a testament to innovation and uncompromising craftsmanship, pairing the latest materials with a lasting commitment to quality. In an industry where technology often overshadows tradition, we believe you need a bit of both to succeed.” –  founder Bonifacio Galvan

Why change perfection? The Torque series of reel was born out of a huge amount of R&D back in the early 2000’s when Boni Galvan wanted to create a revolutionary reel with a more substantial drag system than was presently available on the market.

The visually striking appearance of the Torque reels is a result of the unique cut-outs on the frame, spool, drag knob and reel foot. This design is not only aesthetic but also structural as it significantly reduces the weight of the reel while maintaining strength and increasing rigidity.  The Torque is tough as nails and skillfully marries the technology of the future with the tradition of the past.

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Galvan Torque Reel

  • Constructed from 6061 precipitation-hardened aluminium alloy, containing magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements.
  • Maximum porting for lightweight feel.
  • Fully sealed water lock hub drag.
  • Quick release spool.
                                                                       GALVAN WARRANTY & REPAIRS

All Galvan fly reels carry a lifetime warranty covering all parts and workmanship under normal use and conditions. This warranty provides that your Galvan reels will be repaired or replaced at no charge to the original owner. The warranty is effective only if purchased by you or for you from an Authorized Galvan Dealer, with either registration of warranty card or proof of purchase. Non-warranty, repairs start at $50.00 plus the cost of shipping.

Galvan reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Galvan reel or spool covered by this warranty. Galvan also reserves the right to replace any discontinued models or parts with current models or parts when necessary. Colors may vary between original and replacement parts.


Model & Diameter Spool Width Weight(oz.) Line Weights Line Capacity Yards Micron Backing (lbs.) Micron Backing Reel Price Spool Price
T- 3 (3.0) .85″ 4.2 2-3 WF-2-F / WF-3-F 75 yd / 50 yd 20 lb $400.00 $185.00
T- 4 (3.25) .85″ 4.5 4-5 WF-4-F / WF-5-F 100 yd / 75 yd 20 lb $420.00 $195.00
T- 5 (3.5) .90″ 4.8 5-6 WF-5-F / WF-6-F 125 yd / 100 yd 20 lb $440.00 $205.00
T-6 (3.75) .95″ 5.2 6-7 WF-6-F / WF-7-F 150 yd / 125 yd 20 lb $465.00 $215.00
T-7 (3.875) 1.1″ 6.3 7 WF-7-F 150 yd 20 lb $475.00 $225.00
T- 8 (4.0) 1.25″ 7.6 8 WF-8-F 200 yd 20 lb $485.00 $230.00
T-9 (4.125) 1.25″ 7.9 9 WF-9-F 225 yd 20 lb $510.00 $240.00
T-10 (4.25) 1.35″ 8.2 10 WF-10-F 250 yd 30 lb $535.00 $250.00
T-12 (4.5) 1.35″ 8.6 12 WF-12-F 300 yd 30 lb $590.00 $280.00

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Black, Green, Grren, Clear, Claer, Blue, Orange


3Wt, 4Wt, 5Wt, 6Wt, 7Wt, 8Wt, 9Wt, 10Wt, 12, 9WT, 12Wt, 7wt


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