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Bags, Packs and Vests

The right fly-fishing pack, sling, vest, or fly-fishing gear bag can make a huge difference to your fly fishing trip experience.

Whether an amateur or seasoned angler, you need to carry several tools, fly boxes, leaders’ tippets, indicators, floatants, weights…. with you—not to mention snacks, extra clothes, Water or beer and other necessities.Depending on the length and type of your trip, you need to make sure you carry your belongings in a way that doesn’t impede your fly fishing movements.

There are many options available to you: backpacks, slings, chest packs, vests, and hip packs are available in different colors and materials to help you during your trip.

Technology has made bags and packs lighter and more versatile. For instance, you will find insulated vests that protect you from cold weather. There has been a lot of dedicated research into the bags and packs anglers take with them to ensure maximum comfort and practicality.

Some anglers choose to carry with them bags and packs of various sizes to meet all their fly fishing needs. If you like day trips, you probably don’t need bulky backpacks that take a lot of space. If you enjoy long excursions, you could probably use a backpack and a sling. The backpack can contain all your belongings, while the sling can be helpful when you go on short expeditions.

Whatever your preferences, we are certain we have the bag or pack that matches your needs.

Should I Choose a Vest?

Fly fishing vests are practical because you carry all you need with you. Some vests are insulated, thus adding warmth to your apparel.

Vests have multiple pockets, hooks, latches, mesh pockets, and other storing and docking places for you to store everything you want, from fly boxes, leaders/tippets to nippers, clamps, and water bottles.

If you place all the weight in a balanced way in the front and back, you won’t feel the weight of your vest on your shoulders. Everything you want can be reached immediately and replaced equally fast.

However, vests can’t store bigger objects. If you plan on spending more than a few hours angling, you will probably need a snack or some clothes in case you get wet. In this case, your vest can’t provide for all your needs.

Likewise, a vest could feel cumbersome if you are already wearing several layers of clothes to keep you warm during cooler months.

Even so, anglers love vests for their versatility and practicality. There’s a reason why they are a classic choice, perfect for both half-day and full-day fly fishing trips.

Are Backpacks Practical for Fly Fishing?

Backpacks can carry most of your necessary belongings, including fly fishing accessories, tools, and equipment like flies, lines, reels, indicators, clamps, and anything you need to help you with your fly fishing. Your backpack can also carry extra clothes, food, snacks, and water, as well as other things you need like polarized glasses.

Backpacks are great for longer fly fishing trips where you don’t want to run out of food or end up soaking wet without a change of clothes. However, they may be a bit awkward and unwieldy when you go on day trips where you don’t need all your angling paraphernalia. You may also find it difficult to access all the backpack’s pockets and hiding places when you are actively fishing in a river. Many backpacks are now made to attach a smaller hip/chest pack, so that you can convert to a smaller pack when you reach your fishing destination.

Backpacks have been made for fly fishing treks. They are soft and comfortable to carry because they have been made precisely to carry heavy equipment. All backpacks now come in waterproof materials with waterproof zippers. These are often completely submersible as well. If you plan on spending long stretches of time fly fishing, a backpack is a great option.

Should I Get a Hip Pack for Fly Fishing?

As its name suggests, a hip pack sits on your hips. It contains all your necessary equipment and tools and you can move it to your back when you are fishing so that it doesn’t impede your casting. Strap systems have made hip packs much easier to wear, they won’t slide down when you are walking/wading and the straps will usually have docking stations for your forceps, Zinger and nippers. Many companies are also adding net holsters to many of their products.

Hip packs don’t have the space of backpacks but can still carry all you need for a day trip. Keep in mind that your hip pack could get wet if you stand in deep rivers and rushing streams. In such cases, opt for a waterproof/submersible one to protect your belongings.

Can Slings Contain All the Equipment I Need?

Over the last 10 years the Sling pack has become very popular among anglers. Slings are worn over the shoulder and across one side. You would be amazed at how many things slings can contain. They have pockets and small compartments to help you place all your equipment effectively and within easy reach. The over the shoulder straps are convertible for right or left handed anglers. The straps are also made to hold the tools you need most like Nippers and forceps. The fact that all your stuff is behind you while fishing and when you need something you simply pull on the strap and it’s all right in front of you.

Besides carrying more than you’d think possible, slings are practical for an extra reason: they sit slightly higher than backpacks or hip packs. If you wade in deeper waters, your sling will probably stay dry.

Slings are an in-between option between a hip pack and a backpack: they carry a lot of things but are not as comfortable as a backpack on longer treks.

Can I Fly Fish with a Chest Pack?

The chest pack is attached to your body at chest level. It’s positioned in the front so you have quick and easy access to all its contents.

Chest packs can fit all your necessary equipment for a day trip. Chest packs usually have clever storage options, hooks, and other docking solutions to help you store your tools in an easy and methodical way.

If, however, you plan on walking long distances, a chest pack could feel uncomfortable and cumbersome. Also, a chest pack doesn’t have the capacity of a backpack.

Chest packs are great for day trips or short fly fishing excursions. They give you ample arm freedom and let you move around with your rod and reel. However many anglers feel that chest packs are in the way when fishing.

How Can I Make the Best Choice?

We suggest you evaluate the type of fly fishing you are most likely to do. If you have fly fishing spots near your home, you won’t need to carry a lot of equipment over long distances. A hip pack, sling, or chest pack could work just fine.

If you plan on discovering new fly fishing nooks and crannies across the United States, a backpack will help you carry all your belongings and then some.

Anglers who like to just take off on the spot for a couple of hours in the water will appreciate the practicality of a vest.

Most anglers choose two or three different bags and packs to be flexible and functional under all circumstances. After a little trial and error, you will find the storage apparel that best suits your personality and fly fishing style.

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  • Orvis Fly Fishing Bug-Out Backpack

    Orvis Bug Out Backpack

    Ingenious features for on and off the water

    When it’s time to go, the Orvis Bug-Out fly-fishing backpack lives up to its name. Floatplane, jet plane, truck, drift boat, or your own two feet, this backpack is designed to take what you need and make it easy to find it when you need it. It’s a fishing backpack by design, but it easily crosses over to travel as a carry-on or overnighter.

    Streamlined design offers top and side-entry access with internal zippered drop pocket and removable divider for gear storage options. Back panel integrated net holder for quick and easy storage for even larger guide nets. External water bottle or rod tube holder with deployable extension to lower rod tube to shoulder height.

    Shoulder straps feature accessory docking stations and fly patch, plus buckle receivers for compatible Chest Pack (#25FS) and Chest/Hip Pack (#25FT). Padded front pocket accommodates a hydration bladder or laptop and tuck-away hip straps distribute load. Tricot-lined sunglass/phone pocket on top flap. Ridged back panel for increased air flow.

    Weight: 1 kg/2.2 lbs. In sand. Shell: 100% recycled CORDURA® ECO 600 denier polyester with strategic TPU coating. Liner: 100% recycled 200 denier polyester. Spot clean. Imported.
    11½”W x 21″H x 8″D. 25L/1526 cu. in.

  • Orvis Carry it All


    The All New Orvis carry is an all in one bag that offers you everything to keep your fishing gear safe and secure while traveling and on fishing tours. As the name suggests, you can use the Orvis Carry it all to store anything that can fit in the bag. The bag offers you plenty of features for all your storage needs while traveling. Here are the features of Orvis carry it All.

    • Made of recycled Cordura nylon
    • A separate storage compartment for rods
    • Internal compartments with dividers
    • External zipper pocket
    • Removable shoulder strap

    The Orvis Carry it All comes in large and medium sizes. You can choose any size depending on your requirements.

  • Orvis Chest / Hip Pack


    Orvis chest and hip pack is a highly useful product for fishing lovers as it enables you to pack all your fishing gear in one go. It is designed to wear on the chest or hip that makes it perfectly easy to carry for fishing trips. Here are the features of the chest and hip pack.

    • Easy to wear on the hip or chest
    • 3 liters storage capacity
    • Made up of eco-friendly Cordura fabric
    • It comes with a removable shoulder strap
    • Tippet Whippet recessed docking station with tippet bar included
    • The main storage pocket comes with a fly patch top
    • Side forceps dock and pass-through port is given

    The 3-liter chest/hip pack is easy to carry, and you can wear it on your chest or hip. It comes with multiple features and high-quality fabric that makes it your best storage partner on fishing tours.

  • Orvis Guide Sling Pack


    The Orvis guide sling pack is a multifunctional bag made to store and organize all your fishing essentials easily. With 18 liters storage capacity and plenty of storage, pockets make it the best among all the sling packs available in the market. Here are the primary features of the Orvis guide sling pack. 

    • Made of 100% recycled Cordura nylon
    • Zipper/nipper pass-through
    • Ridged back panel for airflow
    • It comes with integrated net storage
    • A small pocket in the main body with internal features
    • A special pocket for holding the water bottle
  • Orvis Mini Sling Pack


    Orvis Mini Sling Pack

  • Orvis Safe Passage Guide Sling Pack


    The Orvis waterproof sling pack is an updated version of the Orvis sling pack. It helps you easily access your fishing gear when you need it. The sling pack is made of TPU coated 500D nylon fabric to protect your gear from water and weather elements. The pack contains zippered pockets that are also waterproof and offers ample interior storage for your gear. Here are the main features of the Orvis waterproof sling pack. 

    • Made of TPU coated 500D nylon.
    • Compatible with Orvis 2ANB Tippet bar
    • External fly drying patch
    • D-ring is given for the landing net.
  • Orvis Safe Passage Rod and Reel Case-Double


    The Orvis Safe Passage Rod and Reel is made to accommodate the conventional and present day fishing reels and rod. Made of durable PVC tube it offers enhanced protection for your fishing gear. The top zip offers easy access to the rod and the padded top also protects your fishing reel. It comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that you can adjust as per your convenience. Here are the key features of Orvis Safe Passage Rod and Reel Double case.]

    • Rugged PVC tube for enhanced safety
    • Padded top for enhanced protection to the reel
    • Top unzips for easy access to rod tube
    • Small zippered pocket
    • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Orvis Sling Pack


    The Orvis sling pack bag is one of the best quality fishing bags available. It offers sufficient storage for all your fishing accessories with plenty of features. The bag can hold your fishing gear and other accessories, freeing your hands to handle other tasks. Made of 100% recyclable Cordura nylon fabric the bag is made lightweight and durable for storing, organizing all the items you want to carry for fishing. Here are the primary features of the Orvis sling pack bag.

    • TPU coated 500D nylon
    • Tippet bar loops, compatible with Orvis Tippet Bar
    • Water bottle pocket
    • Internal hook-and-loop strip
    • 11 liters of capacity
    • Large main body storage pocket
    • Front strap docking stations
  • Orvis Waterproof Backpack | Fly Fishing Outfitters

    Orvis Waterproof Backpack


    The Orvis Waterproof Backpack is designed to protect your gear and accessories from water in all conditions. Made of TPU coated nylon material and water resistant zippers, the backpack is made fully waterproof to protect your fishing gear. The zipper on the main compartment is rated from 0.05 to 0.4 bar water pressure. 

    In addition, there are two padded shoulder straps that do not strain your shoulders while you carry the backpack on your back. There are two rod tube pockets that you can use to put your water bottles.

  • Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack


    Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack is a brand new version made lightweight to give anglers comfort and less burden while fishing or hunting. It is a perfectly suited pack for hours while slopping the flats or stream. This Hip pack puts weight on your hips rather than your shoulders. It gives your upper body the required freedom to fish and cast unencumbered. It is made up of TPU coated nylon fabric that is fully waterproof to weather and water.

  • Waterproof Sling Pack | Fly Fishing Outfitters

    Orvis Waterproof Sling Pack


    The Orvis waterproof sling pack is an updated version of the Orvis sling pack. It helps you easily access your fishing gear when you need it. The sling pack is made of TPU coated 500D nylon fabric to protect your gear from water and weather elements. The pack contains zippered pockets that are also waterproof and offers ample interior storage for your gear. Here are the main features of the Orvis waterproof sling pack.

    • Made of TPU coated 500D nylon.
    • Compatible with Orvis 2ANB Tippet bar
    • External fly drying patch
    • D-ring is given for the landing net.