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  • Fishpond Jackalope Fly Rod Tube | Travel Friendly


    Looking for a reliable and lightweight rod tube that can protect your valuable fishing rods? Look no further than the Fishpond Jackalope Rod Tube! This tube is made with hexagon interior walls that create the ultimate protection for up to six 9ft 4-piece rods. Plus, it will fit on any standard airline overhead storage, so you can easily take your rods with you wherever you go. Whether you’re shipping your rods or carrying them with you on a trip, the Fishpond Jackalope Rod Tube is the perfect way to keep them safe and sound.

    We at Fishpond are committed to doing better. That’s why we’ve made it our mission 10 years ago, when the first Cycle Pond fabric came out of recycled fishing nets pulled from ocean environments – an industry first! Nowadays nearly all fabrics here in both production and retail channels come together under one roof: The logo you know so well is still proudly displayed on every product because sustainability isn’t just words for us anymore; It’s everything that has driven who we are today as company leaders dedicated to creating innovative solutions around resource recovery while educating consumers about how their choices affect

  • Fishpond Men’s Upstream Tech Vest



    The Fishpond Upstream tech vest is about as good as they come. designed by fishermen for fishermen.  If you’re looking for a fishing vest that is both eco-friendly and functional, look no further than the Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest. Made with entirely regenerated nylon waste materials, this vest is built to last. The integrated net holster is a unique feature that allows you to carry a long-handled net. With 14 interior and exterior compartments, including two front pockets that can each hold up to 4 large fly boxes, this vest has ample storage space for all of your gear. And the adjustable shoulder straps, waist straps, and front zipper closure ensure a perfect fit. So don’t let anything get in the way of a good day of fishing – grab your Upstream Tech Vest and hit the water!

    Sustainable Fabrics

    Sustainability is an important issue to us here at Fishpond. We’re committed not just because it’s the right thing, but also to how sustainable sourcing can make your products better and more innovative than they were before! That’s why when we created our signature Cyclepond Econyl  fabric ten years ago – made entirely out of repurposed fishing nets pulled from oceans all over–no one had ever seen anything like this before in fashion history (or nowadays). And since then? Well let me tell you something: there are many brands following suit.

  • Fishpond Net Holster



    Looking for a way to keep your net close by without getting in the way? Fishpond has the perfect solution with the Net Holster. This holster keeps your net securely in place on your hip, backpack, or boat frame so you can focus on landing that big fish. The durable construction means it can withstand whatever elements you encounter while out on the water. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just getting started, the Net Holster is a must-have accessory for a successful fishing trip.

    New Gear, Old Material

  • Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack – Fly-Fishing Gear & Accessories


    In a world where simplicity means more time on the water, the one pack that reigns supreme is the Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack. Lightweight, compact, and feature-rich, the Ridgeline Backpack is perfect for day hikes and your weekly commute alike. A large, topside opening reveals plenty of space for fly boxes, extra layers, lunch, and a hydration reservoir, while exterior compartments allow for quick access to the essentials. Lightweight and comfortable for all day adventure.

    The Ridgeline backpack is constructed with Integrated pass-through slots keep your net within reach, while attachment points on the front and rear of the pack offer additional storage when used with our line of chest packs. So whether you’re headed to your local stream or hitting the trail for a weekend adventure, make sure you bring along your trusty Fishpond Ridgeline Backpack. After all, it’s true—there is beauty in simplicity.

    Sustainable Fabrics

    Since our beginning, sustainability has been a guiding force here at Fishpond. We were the first company in our industry to introduce a line of products made out of recycled fishing nets, and we continue to lead the way in sustainable manufacturing practices.

    Nearly all of our fabrics are made from recycled threads, which means they are gentle on the environment and help us to reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly exploring new ways to minimize our impact on the planet, and we are committed to being a force for good in the world.

    When you purchase a Fishpond product, you can be confident that you are supporting a company that is working hard to make a difference. We hope you join us in our commitment to sustainability!

  • FishPond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack


    The Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack is made of highly durable classic fishpond fabric for the protection of your gear on fishing destinations. It allows you to carry and keep all your fishing gear safe from water and the environment. The Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack can be worn on the back or the chest. It has a main zip pocket with a divider to keep the belongings organized. The backpack is perfect for anglers who prefer fishing and traveling with a few belongings. The pack has built-in climbing cords that create handy spots for tools and accessories.

  • Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack – Fly-fishing, Waterproof, Recycled Material


    The Fishpond San Juan vertical Chest Pack is the perfect day pack for the minimalist. Looking for a chest pack that will keep you organized on the river? Look no further than the Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack! This best-selling pack has everything you need and nothing you don’t, making it perfect for anglers who like to travel light. With multiple compartments and pockets, you can be sure that your fly boxes and gear will be within easy reach. The comfortable, adjustable straps make this pack perfect for long days on the water. Don’t let your next fishing adventure be hindered by a cumbersome pack – go with the Fishpond San Juan Vertical Chest Pack and focus on what’s important: catching fish!


    New Gear, Old Material
  • Fishpond Summit Sling


    Looking for a comfortable and convenient way to store your gear while you’re fly fishing? Look no further than the Fishpond Summit Sling Pack! This durable sling pack is packed with features that will make your day on the water a breeze.

    With plenty of storage capacity, the Summit Sling Pack has two large main compartments that are perfect for holding your fly boxes. Plus, it has a molded foam drop-down fly bench that can easily store your gear and flies. And if you need to access your accessories and tools quickly, the Hypalon store and padded-strap workstations are there to help. So don’t miss out on the Fishpond Summit Sling Pack – it’s the perfect way to keep all your gear at hand while you’re enjoying a day out on the water!



  • Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt System 2.0


    Looking for a top-of-the-line wading belt system? Check out the Fishpond Switchback. This newly redesigned belt system is loaded with features, including additional storage and a quick-release rail system. You can also attach compatible systems like the Thunderhead Submersible Pouch or Canyon Creek Chest Pack. And with its ambidextrous design and molle slots for water bottles and rod holders, the Switchback is perfect for any angler. So don’t settle for anything less – get the Fishpond Switchback Belt System 2.0 today!

    Fishpond has been fishing sustainably for over ten years and our commitment to the environment knows no bounds. You can find us using recycled materials in every aspect of production, including fly boxes made from100%post-consumer plastic bottles reclaimed naïvely by glueing together old fabric that would otherwise have ended up landfilled or burned.

  • Fishpond Tailwater Fly Tying Kit – | Fishpond


    If you’re a fly tyer, you know that organization and accessibility are key. The Fishpond Tailwater Fly Tying Kit offers plenty of space for your materials, including long, delicate capes. The four large see-through pouches and padded storage compartment keep everything safe and secure. The removable tying station is complete with a hook and thread spool tray, making it easy to tie those perfect flies. So whether you’re a professional tyer or just getting started, the Tailwater Fly Tying Kit has everything you need to tie those perfect flies. On the road or at home the Fishpond tailwater Fly Tying kit is the perfect solution for keeping yourself organized.


    If you’re looking for gear that won’t cost the earth, Fishpond is the brand for you. We’ve been using repurposed nylon in our fishing nets for over a decade, and we’re always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact. Our fly boxes and NewStream fabric are made from 100% recycled materials, so you can be sure your purchase won’t contribute to landfill waste. Plus, our commitment to sustainability means we’ll continue to find new ways to reduce our environmental impact in the future. So why not choose Fishpond and enjoy peace of mind as well as great products?

  • Fishpond Tenderfoot Youth Fly Fishing Vest


    When it comes to outfitting your young angler with the best gear, look no further than the Fishpond Tenderfoot Youth Vest. This vest is designed with all the features and pockets of our adult-sized vests, just in a smaller package to fit kids. The Tenderfoot Vest has 14 pockets to keep lures, bait, and other fishing essentials organized and within reach, mesh backing for breathability and comfort in warm weather, and various tool attachment points for things like retractors and tippet holders. So whether your young angler is just getting started or has been fishing for years, they’ll be sure to appreciate the quality and performance of this vest.

  • Fishpond TH Roll Top Duffel


    Nothing puts a damper on a long river trip like a bag full of wet soggy gear. The Fishpond Thunderhead Roll Top Duffel keeps your gear dry so you can slip on a dry warm layer at camp and fish the home pool while dinner cooks over the fire. Adventure always has a way of serving up plenty of unexpected twists, flips, and turns, so make sure you pack accordingly. Constructed out of our signature 900D TPU coated recycled Cyclepond nylon, which has proven itself to be bombproof.

  • Fishpond Thunderhead Roll top Duffle – Waterproof, Fishpond, Fly-fishing Gear


    The new Thunderhead Roll Top Duffel from Fishpond is the perfect way to keep your gear dry and safe on any adventure. Made from durable and reliable 900D TPU coated recycled Cyclepond nylon, this duffel is built to last. The roll top design ensures that all of your gear stays dry, no matter what mother nature throws your way. Whether you’re hitting the river for a long trip or just exploring your local woods, the Thunderhead Roll Top Duffel is the perfect partner for all of your outdoor adventures.

    Sustainable Fabrics

    When it comes to sustainability, Fishpond is more than just a company that talks the talk. We have been committed to sustainable practices since day one, and we continue to push the envelope when it comes to manufacturing products in the most sustainable way possible. Our signature Cyclepond fabric is made out of repurposed fishing nets pulled from the ocean environment – meaning that our products are not only eco-friendly but also help to clean up our planet’s oceans.


    In addition to our use of recycled materials, we also manufacture nearly 100% of all our fabrics in-house. This allows us to maintain complete control over the quality of our products, and also ensures that we are using the most sustainable methods possible. When you purchase a Fishpond product, you can be confident that you are supporting a company that is doing its part to help create a better world for all.

  • Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack ECO


    The Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack is the backpack made for the toughest of conditions. The backpack is submersible, which means you can use it even while under water. It is made to carry and protect everything you need on your fishing tours. The Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack is designed to keep your food, camera and other essentials dry all the time. Here are the main features of the Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack:

    • TPU coated nylon material
    • Waterproof zipper closures to block water
    • Removable and adjustable hip belt
    • Fishpond gear straps
    • Buckles on with hip belt and shoulder straps
  • Fishpond ThunderHead Submersible Lumbar Pack


    The Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar pack is a waterproof and durable backpack that offers enhanced protection to your fishing gear from wind and water. It is made of 1680D TPU coated nylon that makes it waterproof and long lasting. Even the zippers are made waterproof to prevent the entry of water in the bag. The zipper on the main compartment and on the front stretch pocket is fully waterproof. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to adjust the height of the lumbar pack behind your back.

  • Fishpond Thunderhead Water Bottle Holder


    For those who like to keep their options open, the Fishpond Thunderhead Water Bottle Holder is the perfect solution. This holder attaches seamlessly to a wide range of packs and bags, so you can water on the go. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or just spending a day out in the sun, it’s important to stay hydrated. With the Thunderhead Water Bottle Holder, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water bottle is always within reach.