The All New Orvis Helios D Fly Rod


Introducing the revolutionary Helios, a groundbreaking innovation that surpasses the accuracy of its predecessor, the Helios 3, by a remarkable fourfold. Outshining all other competitors in the industry, this phenomenal advancement was made possible by our ingenious designers who tackled the challenge of tip displacement, a notorious obstacle to achieving precision. When the forward cast is executed, the release of energy can cause the rod tip to oscillate along both horizontal and vertical axes, thereby compromising the accuracy of the cast. With a remarkable increase in hoop strength and a significant reduction in vibration along the blank, the new Helios has successfully conquered tip displacement, resulting in an unprecedented level of accuracy. Prepare to experience an unparalleled transfer of energy from your hand to the fly, delivering laser-like precision with unmatched smoothness. 

The incredible new Helios is 4X more accurate than Helios 3—the previous undisputed industry benchmark—and leaves all other competitors even farther behind. To achieve this quantum leap in accuracy, our designers
had to solve for one of the main enemies of precision: tip displacement. When the energy of the forward cast is released, it can cause the rod tip to wobble around the horizontal and vertical axes—reducing the accuracy of the cast. The new Helios displays dramatically increased hoop strength and minimized vibration along the blank, leading to a radical reduction of tip displacement. The result is a precise, smooth energy transfer from your hand
to the fly and laser-like precision.

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When compared to HELIOS 3, the previous industry benchmark for accuracy:
– 25% MORE DURABLE in extreme breakage testing
– 10% LIGHTER swing weight

Less swing weight without compromise
Swing weight isn’t something measured on a scale, but the perceived weight in your hand during the cast. Thus a 10%
reduction in levered swing weight equals a crisp and balanced feel with a smooth transfer of energy that is virtually
effortless for all-day casting without fatigue. Even after long hours on the water, you’ll feel sharp enough to target that
difficult fish. The all-new Helios becomes an extension of your mind.

The all new Helios is 25% Stronger, effortlessly outshining its predecessors and rivals, while boldly redefining the limits of resilience. This expanded range of movement translates into amplified lifting capabilities, perfectly suited for situations when a fish attempts to evade capture by darting beneath the boat or aggressively fighting against the net

Additional information

Line Weight

4Wt, 5Wt, 6Wt, 7Wt, 8Wt, 9Wt, 10Wt, 11Wt, 12Wt, 14Wt

Rod Length

8'5", 9', 9'5", 10'

Grip Configuration

B-7" Modified Full Wells, D-7" Modified Full Wells w/.75" fighting butt, E-7" Full Wells w/.75 fighting butt, F-7" Full Wells w/1.25" fighting butt, G-7" Full Wells w/2.25" fighting butt, H-Extended Full Wells w/2.25" fighting butt


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