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The Orvis Helios 3F Series is a lightweight, dynamic and precise flagship fly rod of the Orvis fly rod series. Orvis has packed many technological advancements into the Orvis helios 3f fly rod that makes them highly versatile and able to offer outstanding performance. It’s a bit heavier than the smallest 3wt (as expected), but that’s partly because of the extra 25cm in length. This rod is ideal for out-of-country expeditions, fishing for small rivers, and dry flies. Here are the main features of the Orvis Helios 3F fly rod:

  • Green accent wrap
  • Matte Storm blank
  • Black/gray main wraps
  • SiC/titanium stripping guides
  • REC recoil snake guides
  • Made in US Aluminum rod tube

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The Orvis Helios 3F series (along with the Helios 3D series) replaces the popular Orvis Helios 2 series as the main reel for Orvis. Orvis has brought many technological advancements to these rods and they are lighter, more precise, and more dynamic than ever.

7’6 “3 by weight

The Orvis Helios 3F is an extremely light and medium fast 3wt. It’s a small rod that allows the caster to launch a smaller dry fly like a heavy stream. This rod would also be great for fishing for small native Brookies, but many would probably prefer a glass rod for these special purposes.

8’4 “3 by weight

You can expect to fish with this rod to have good performance compared to the 4wt rod. It is not a good rod for medium distances. It’s a bit heavier than the smaller 3wt (as expected), but that’s partly due to the extra 10 inches long. This rod is ideal for country expeditions, fishing in small rivers and dry fly.

8’6 “4 by weight

This rod is accurate at medium distances, but requires the angler to slow down the cast. Works great even over short distances. Great stick for small dry flies at medium distances like Spring Creeks or Western Rivers. This would also be a great option for anglers who walk on lakes in remote areas and need mid-range dry fly accuracy, but don’t want to carry a heavier 2.7 meter rod.

9’4 weight

The 9’4wt is one of our favorite rods from the 3F series. This rod is super lightweight with a solid performance at all distances and the ability to cast laser-tight loops. Big river, small river, long cast or dry boat flight, this pole gets the job done in style. The 9’4wt is versatile enough to be a fish fighting tool from a drift boat with larger drys and a slim short-range weapon with smaller flies. This stem was built for spring streams and beyond.


If you’re looking for a rod that’s a bit more distance-oriented than the 9’4wt and don’t mind the added weight, this is a great tool for casting nymph and dry fly from a distance. Due to its softer action, the rod felt was coated with MPX. This rod has solid short-reach performance, really impressive long-reach performance, but it’s not particularly good in the middle.

8’6 “5 by weight

The rod is incredibly light in the hand, casts very well with SA MPX and is 5 Wt better than the 9 foot rod model. It throws tighter loops and has great precision over short and long distances. It’s a bit faster than 9’5wt. If you are looking for a 5 Wt for nymphs and small streamers upgrade to 3D. If you want a 5wt for the dry fly, this is your rod.

9’5 weight

This is a rod that gives the angler feedback and feel, and has higher power, better accuracy, and it performs better at short distances.


Although a bit heavy, this is a versatile rod. The extra length adds features and distance to a model with a huge stem. This pole is also great for repairing lines and extending the angler’s reach in smaller rivers.

9 ‘6 wt

The 6wt 3F is more robust than the 3D and its action is geared towards anglers with a slower cast. In a way, the 9’6wt looks almost like the 10’5wt only without the greater range and distance capability.

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Length / Color

7-Ft 6-In, 8-Ft 4-In, 8-Ft 6-In, 9-Ft, 9-Ft Olive, 10-Ft 6-In, 10-Ft, 9-Ft 6-In


3-Wt, 4-Wt, 5-Wt, 6-Wt, 7-Wt, 8-Wt


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