Orca 26 QT Cooler


The ORCA 26 Qt cooler is made durable using the roto molded construction. It can maintain the temperature of your food and keep it fresh for up to 10 days. ORCA 26 qt cooler can be used to store food, water and beverages while travelling and camping. The extended grip handles provide easy handling and portability. There is an easy flow drainage hole to drain out the water from the cooler. Also, ORCA comes with  a CARGO net for additional storage.

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The ORCA 26 Qt coolers are 14.75 inches high, 23.75 inches long, 17.5 inches wide and weigh 19 pounds. It can meet all your needs, whether you’re camping or just having a BBQ in your backyard.

It has a strong gasket that provides an excellent airtight seal that helps to extend and maintain the shelf life of the ice. Orca coolers have clasps with their trademark beautiful ORCA tail and really give these coolers a unique touch.

T-locks are great and there are latches that are easier to open with one hand. T-locks require a little more force to open or close, but that’s because they’re more secure.

The ORCA 26 Qt coolers have a single flexible stainless steel handle that makes them easy to carry. Larger coolers have a rope handle with molded rubber on each side for a better grip. There are also handles on the sides of the cool box so you can lift it up if needed.

There’s even a cargo net attachment on the outside and back of the fridge for storing small items. This makes it perfect for boating/fishing.

ORCA 26 Qt coolers have four non-slip pads on the bottom to prevent the cooler from slipping on a smooth surface like on a boat. As with all Orca coolers, there is a luggage net on the back for extra storage. and extendable curved handles with flexible grip for you to carry it comfortably. If it’s not too heavy to carry alone, the handles on the sides make it much easier to carry.

Not only is the cooler strong and durable, but it has an internal gasket that seals very well and helps keep the cooler leak proof. The gasket can seal the lid so tightly that you may find it difficult opening the lid sometimes. Simply unscrew the drain plug to let some air in and the lid will open easily. 

The hinges, screws, and latches used in the ORCA 26 Qt coolers. It is equally important that the cooler is protected against falls, scratches, kicks, etc. In addition, due to their construction, Orca coolers have no weak points and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

The clasps are thick rubber that will last and hold up well, and the hinge bar is steel so it won’t rust. The drain plug on the side is great. The plug itself is a strong piece of plastic and you can remove it entirely for easy cleaning. There are holes on both sides of the plug so you can twist it out a little and the water can flow out.

Inside the cooler, the floor is mostly flat, except for the side near the drain as there is a slight incline to support the drain. Orca carries a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in workmanship and workmanship under normal use.

Easy-flow drain spouts, located on each unit, make dumping melted ice easy.

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