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Like any great product, Monic flylines were born out of a flyfisherman’s frustration with the product he was using at the time. In the 80’s, avid angler Bob Goodale was fishing in Belize and having a heck of a time casting in the wind with a long leader. His frustration fueled his passion to design and develop a clear floating fly line that would enable him to use a short leader which would provide more stealth and not spook fish. After years of research & development, in 1994 he introduced the first Covert Clear line to the market and Monic was born.  

Some of our guides started using Monic lines in Saltwater situations and were amazed at how well they cast.  Recently, some of us had become frustrated with a longtime company’s PVC coated flyline that started to breakdown due to an issue with its “proprietary” coating.  So, I ordered several lines from Monic, and I and the staff were blown away with how well they worked.  We became believers.  What makes this an even more amazing relationship is that Monic flylines are made right here in Boulder, CO 

Taper- Our Precision Dry Fly taper was designed specifically with the hardcore dry fly enthusiast in mind. The extended front taper allows for the most accurate and delicate presentations to lay those tiny dries on the water like a feather exactly where you need it. The head also incorporates a handling section after the rear taper to improve loop stability and to help the angler make on-water mends from greater distances.

Core- The Skyline series utilizes our zero-stretch GSP (gel spun polyethylene) core for a very unique and ultra-sensitive fly fishing experience. The no-stretch properties of the GSP give the angler superior control while casting and creates exceptional line speed for increased distance and quick repositioning of your presentation. Additionally, the zero-stretch provides the angler with unmatched sensitivity. You will be able to feel even the smallest of strikes as well as the tiny ticks of your fly as it bumps through bottom structure of the waters. Hook-sets can be quick and effortless, even small strip-sets from 60 plus feet are effective as no force is lost from the rod to the tip of your fly line.

Coating- The tried and true Skyline coating has delivered high performance and extreme durability for years. This clear and naturally buoyant polymer blend creates a stealthy and unobtrusive fly line. The only coloring present in our Skyline series is the light blue shade of the thin diameter GSP core showing through the clear top-coat. This results in a lighter shadow produced under the water as well as a reduction in light flash while overhead casting compared to thicker opaque colored lines, decreasing your chances of spooking fish.

The toughness of the Skyline coating produces a more durable, longer lasting fly line compared to most conventional PVC constructed fly lines. Its high abrasion resistance helps these lines hold up in some of the most brutal fishing conditions where rough coral, sharp rocks, and heavy surf can break down other lines in just a few outings. This line does have a slight texture allowing for reduced surface area for

The slight rigidness of the GSP makes it the perfect core material for those warm weather fishing environments. It will help to maintain the fly line’s original stiffness even in the extreme temps of the tropics. No more trying to cast a wet spaghetti noodle on those extra warm days.



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Monic Precision Dryfly

  • Weight Forward Floating 3-6 Wt
  • Freshwater & Saltwater
  • Taper: Precision Dry Fly
  • Core: Zero-Stretch GSP Core
  • Ideal Temp Range: 50°F & Above
  • Weight: AFFTA Standard (see weight chart below)
  • Loops: Reinforced Welded Loops on Both Ends

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