Galvan Torque Tournament Reel


The Galvan Torque Tournament Reels are designed to offer high performance and accuracy while fishing. They are easy to use and you can activate the drag in this fly reel with a simple stroke of a button. The reel is made of 6061 grade aluminium and meets the industry standards for durability. Type 2 anodizing is used to make it scratch and corrosion resistant. Here are some key features of the Galvan Torque Tournament Reels.

  • Innovative drag system
  • Scratch and Corrosion resistant
  • Super fast retrieval rate
  • Handle is larger and easier to grip
  • Ported to the maximum strength-weight-ratio
  • Comes in three sizes: T-14 fast, T-16 faster, and T-18 fastest

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The Galvan Torque tournament has one of the smoothest drags out there. It has a sealed resistance that prevents particles from entering and interfering with the mechanism. Although the spool is not considered waterproof, this does not seem to affect the drag system. Even after the coil has been immersed, the resistance remains constant.

Activating this drag is easy too, thanks to the torque button’s stroke. From fully back to locked, knob makes 4 full turns. The Torque has also found a good sweet spot between weight and durability, another feature of the thoughtful design.

It’s not the lightest spool on the market (nor the heaviest), but what you get in return is extra durability in the form of a solid 6061-machined aluminum frame and spool. The T5 weighs about 4.8 ounces, so it’s light enough for all but the most demanding ounce counters, and the frame has the kind of structural strength that offers maximum impact resistance. Type 2 anodizing also helps prevent scratches and corrosion.

The Galvan Torque Tournament has mega torque braking power that can manage fish in the 100 pound category. In addition, the large circumference aids an extra quick rate of retrieval. The T14 reel can pull 15.7” in one rotation. The T16 can pull 17.3” and T18 can pull 18.8” in a single rotation.

The torque drag system comes in three sizes: T14 that is fast, T16 that is faster than T14, and T18 that is the fastest among three. It has an easily accessible large drag knob for accurate drag adjustments.

Galvan has also incorporated some other great features into Torque that make it a great choice for the serious angler.
The TTS’s extra-large, easy-to-grip beveled handle provides enough leverage to create a sea monster. TTS is also resistant to corrosion and salt water. The Torque Tournament Series undoubtedly strikes the right balance between simplicity, durability, aesthetics, and affordability.

These include a quick-release mechanism, an easy-to-change switch/return spring, and a deep spool. The Torque’s large shaft design also means you have enough line and carrying capacity to cast long lines or tackle powerful fish. Add them and you have everything you could want in terms of modern reel performance.

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Black, Green, Clear


14-wt, 16-wt, 18-wt


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