Orvis Bank Shot Intermediate Sink Tip


The Hydros Bank Shot Intermediate Sink Tip Line is designed to throw large bait at trout in fishing locations short on space. It can be used in both rivers and calm water and makes it much easier to cast large flies than a standard weight front line.
The bank shot’s built-in taper also means you can use fewer fake casts. While most people use it with a standard or double air throw, it’s also great for one-handed spying and throwing in a river.

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The bank shot uses a very aggressive front cone that keeps most of the mass forward and helps the line move the rod with only a small portion of the tip. This means you can load the rod faster than usual, so you can reach distances with less miss cast and less space behind you.

The Orvis Hydros HD range of spring cords are textured cords, so they don’t have the typical slippery coating you see on most other spring cords. The finely textured surface retains air to increase “shootability” and buoyancy while reducing friction. The “micro replicated” pattern also increases the line’s durability and increases its surface area so that it can reach higher in the water and provide less drag and spatter when repairing or lifting.

The Hydros Bank Shot Tip Lines 2020 is not the thinnest fly lines available. It comes with a thick headboard as good as 2mm. It takes up a lot of space on the spool and may not fit a 5/6 size unless you use minimal support.

The Bank Shot is available in two densities, including floating point and sunken tip, and six different line sizes from #5 to #10 that cover most trout, pike and carp fly fish in calm waters. The floating version has an orange running line and a dark olive brown headboard.

The heavy side of the head gives it a very different look from the normally weighted front line. It loads the rod from the tip with just a few lengths of line so you can easily pull a single pull and cast a fine line and shoot some running line, which makes it ideal for its intended purpose. It is ideal for short distance work and general fishing in small, calm waters, as well as for casting large streamers into rivers.

Travel a good distance without having to transport it with a standard flight model. The bank shot is 30 meters long. If you keep things smooth and slow you can throw a good distance with a decent spin with almost no effort. Just a slow, light kick or two kicks sticking out over your head and you can shoot the rest. Fly, but not as far as the length of the line suggests.

Can handle large flies and bait well. As you’d expect from a line with such a heavy front section, performance suffers and doesn’t always come off so smoothly. However, it is not designed for filigree presentations. It is the airline equivalent of a hammer.

Hydros Bank Shot Intermediate5wt6wt7wt8wt9wt10wt11wt
Front Taper5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′5.5′
Rear Taper2′2′2′2′2′2′2′
Handling Line20′20′20′20′20′20′20′
Running Line46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′46.5′
Total Length90′90′90′90′90′90′90′
Total Head Length23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′23.5′
Grain Wt @30′210239270299316330350

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5WT, 6WT, 7WT, 8WT, 9WT, 10WT, 11Wt


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