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  • Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack ECO


    The Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Backpack is the backpack made for the toughest of conditions. The backpack is submersible, which means you can use it even while under water. It is made to carry and protect everything you need on your fishing tours. The Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack is designed to keep your food, camera and other essentials dry all the time. Here are the main features of the Fishpond Thunderhead Backpack:

    • TPU coated nylon material
    • Waterproof zipper closures to block water
    • Removable and adjustable hip belt
    • Fishpond gear straps
    • Buckles on with hip belt and shoulder straps
  • Fishpond ThunderHead Submersible Lumbar Pack


    The Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar pack is a waterproof and durable backpack that offers enhanced protection to your fishing gear from wind and water. It is made of 1680D TPU coated nylon that makes it waterproof and long lasting. Even the zippers are made waterproof to prevent the entry of water in the bag. The zipper on the main compartment and on the front stretch pocket is fully waterproof. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to adjust the height of the lumbar pack behind your back.

  • Galvan Torque Tournament Reel


    The Galvan Torque Tournament Reels are designed to offer high performance and accuracy while fishing. They are easy to use and you can activate the drag in this fly reel with a simple stroke of a button. The reel is made of 6061 grade aluminium and meets the industry standards for durability. Type 2 anodizing is used to make it scratch and corrosion resistant. Here are some key features of the Galvan Torque Tournament Reels.

    • Innovative drag system
    • Scratch and Corrosion resistant
    • Super fast retrieval rate
    • Handle is larger and easier to grip
    • Ported to the maximum strength-weight-ratio
    • Comes in three sizes: T-14 fast, T-16 faster, and T-18 fastest
  • Orvis Battenkill Disc Reel


    The Orvis Battenkill Disk Reel is a powerful, technologically advanced reel that is still accessible in price. This latest version is true to its heritage in looks and performance but updated with the latest in design improvements and significantly more powerful drag. The porting and finish pay unmistakable homage to the Battenkills of the past, but this reel incorporates our best-selling mid-arbor design. Underneath that mid arbor is the same sealed drag system found in the Hydros SL incorporating six interacting carbon and stainless drag surfaces.

  • Orvis Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip


    The Hydros Bank Shot Sink Tip is a highly versatile and quick shooting fly line for fly fishing. The fly line is useful and suitable for a variety of situations in fly fishing. It is great for single casts to a bank and able to deliver large flies, single hand spey and roll casts. It features a small and heavy head with an 8’ fast sink tip having a 5 ips rate of sink. Here are the main features of the hydros bank shot sink tip fly line.

    • Powerful head to minimize false casts
    • AST slickness coating
    • Color change at 30′. Line length 90′
    • Braided multifilament core
    • Orvis Line ID for quick and easy identification
    • Available in weights 5-11
  • Orvis Men’s Pro Wader


    The Orvis Pro Wader is made of lightweight cordura fabric that is breathable and waterproof for use on fishing destinations. The Orvis Pro wader suit is comfortable and protects your body from heat, water and makes your fishing gear accessible. As the fabric is flexible, it allows you to move your body as you wish. There is a fleece lined hand warmer pocket on the front side and a detachable gear pocket on the inside. Here are the main features of the Orvis Pro wader suit.

    • Made of multiple layered Cordura
    • External storage pockets
    • Water resistant zippers
    • Mesh interior pocket.
    • Neoprene booties.
  • Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boot


    The Orvis Mens Ultralight Wading Boots are made to perform best in every situation and offer you better grip. The EVA outsole grip slick offers better grip on every surface especially on wet surfaces. The ultralight wading boot fits very comfortably on your feet although they feel a little snug when you use them with the thickest neoprene wader boots. Most of the weight of the boots is concentrated at the base. Overall the Orvis Mens Ultralight Wading Boots create a perfect balance between weight and performance.

  • Orvis Men’s UltraLight Wading Jacket


    The Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket comes with special features that are highly useful for anglers. The jacket has features that offer protection from water and moisture on fishing destinations. Also, there are waterproof zippers that prevent water from entering the jacket while boating and fishing. There are pockets on the inside and outside that allow anglers to store small items and access them quickly when required. Overall the Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket is a must have jacket for anglers on fishing destinations.

  • Orvis Pro Power Tapered Fly Line


    Orvis Pro trout is one of the most versatile trout lines available in the market. The line is a superior offering to its previous textured version. The Orvis Pro trout line offers you tons of features that make it the best trout line. Made with compound tapers, it is available to use in a variety of environments.

    It comes with a 50-inch head that has a front taper and a powerful belly for easy casting and presentation. It is designed to deliver flies precisely across a range of distances. If you are looking for the next best trout line, there is nothing better than the Orvis Pro trout line.

  • Orvis Waterproof backpack improved for 2022



    Introducing the updated and improved Orvis Waterproof Backpack. This great new backpack has been updated with a new look and improved features, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable waterproof backpack. The TPU coated 500D nylon protects your belongings from heavy rain or accidental submersion, and the YKK® Flexseal zipper on the main compartment is rated from .05 to 0.4 bar of water pressure, ensuring that your belongings stay dry no matter what. The secondary pocket has a water-resistant Ries® zipper, and the contoured, padded shoulder straps are adjustable for a comfortable and secure fit. The water-resistant padded back panel with ventilation channels ensures cool comfort all day long, while the padded bottom protects vulnerable gear like cameras. For added convenience, the pack also features a gear station on the shoulder strap, perfect for fishing while wearing the pack. Whether you’re spending a day on the trail or hitting the slopes, the Orvis Waterproof Backpack has you covered.

  • Orvis Women’s UltraLight Convertible Wader


    The Orvis Women’s Ultralight Convertible Waders are designed to offer complete comfort for women anglers for organizing small fishing gear. A lightweight but tightly woven nylon front material makes these waders durable but not heavy. It keeps moisture in check on long distance walks and short, steep climbs. The Orvis Womens Convertible Waders offer good breathability and extra comfort with its four-layer construction. The lining used in the wading suit is made of nylon for protection from internal abrasion.

  • Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Boot


    Built as a part of the Orvis Ultralight Wading System for women, the Women’s Ultralight Wading Boot offers protection and performance without adding extra bulk. Made of clarion microfiber the upper part of the shoe is made tough and waterproof. The rubber soles are abrasion resistant and the EVA midsole provide all day comfort. The laces in the boots are tightly woven for enhanced abrasion resistance. The Orvis Women’s Ultra light Wading Boots are a part of the Orvis Ultralight Wading System.

  • Rio Intouch WF Gold Fly Line


    The Rio Intouch Gold comes with a tapered design to provide loop stability at a distance. It features a front taper to deliver a precise presentation for the flies between the #2 and #22 sizes. The fly line has a very low stretch connect core that offers high sensitivity levels for a better cast-timing and easier line lift and accurate mends. The fly rod is a perfect combination of durability and performance. It allows anglers to get the float line performance while fishing and casting at distance.

  • Waterdance Pro Guide Pack – Pack | Fishpond



    The Fishpond Waterdance Pro Lumbar pack is perfect for anglers who need plenty of storage space for all their gear and accessories. Made of high quality 420D nylon Cyclepond fabric, this pack is durable and water resistant, making it ideal for fishing trips. The slash pockets on the back zipper compartment are perfect for storing split shot or other accessories, while the main cargo pocket provides ample room for fly boxes and other supplies. For added comfort, the Waterdance Pro Lumbar pack features a padded pass-through belt system that can be adjusted to fit your body. Whether you’re hitting the river for a day of fishing or heading out on an overnight trip, the Waterdance Pro Lumbar pack has the storage and durability you need to make the most of your time on the water.

    Color: Driftwood

    Sustainable Fabrics

    The environment is something we take seriously here at Fishpond. We’re not just talking about it-our actions show that to be true! From using recycled nylon in fishing nets for over ten years, all the way up until last year when we launched NewStream fabric made from 100% post consumer plastic bottles–we have been committed both ways: towards sustainability as well as its implementation within our business practices and materials sourcing regimen