You have your rod, reel, line, flies, as well as waders and wading boots, and you feel ready to cast your line and catch trout. After all, you have all your basic equipment, so what more do you need?

What about fly fishing accessories, though? If you want to take your fly fishing excursions a step further, you can invest in accessories that will make fly fishing easier and more enjoyable.

When you stand in the middle of a river, you need to stand as still as possible, or you will spook the fish. Inevitably, your movements are limited, as you are holding your line and casting it. What happens when you catch a fish, though?

To remove hooks from fish or cut your tippet, you need to have the proper equipment that makes things easy and quick. That’s where fly fishing accessories come in handy.

What Sort of Fly Fishing Accessories Are There?

Cool fly fishing accessories are fun. But that’s what we’re talking about. The best fly fishing accessories are not about how you look but about making your life easier and your hobby more enjoyable. As you become an expert at fly fishing, you will realize that there are some essential fly fishing accessories that can help develop your skill and maximize the fun.


You might think we are getting ahead of ourselves believing that we need a net when we haven’t even caught our first trout yet.  A decent landing net is essential to actually safely landing and releasing fish.  Without a net you don’t really have a good way to handle and remove the hook.  Grabbing your line above the fish will often create so much tension on the line that it will either snapp and you lose the fish and your fly.  Or the fish will thrash around and unhook itself and that thigh line will make the fly go right into your hand(OUCH!) A net helps to protect the trout from being handled or dragged up on the bank.

NOTE: Trout have skin, not scales.  Their skin is protected by a slimy coating, that coating protects them from diseases.  By handling a trout with dry hands you are essentially going to slowly kill them.  Always handle Trout with wet hands if you must.

Wading Staff

A Wading staff is a very essential piece of equipment in most western rivers. The bottom of the rivers or streams are almost always rocks, boulders and other debris that maybe you can’t see. Think of a staff as a third leg when you need it. Wading in rivers is sooooooo much easier and safer with a staff, no matter your age or physical ability. Falling down in the river is no fun. Wading staffs are available in many different styles and can easily be attached to your wading belt with a tether or even a simple bungee strap.

Wading Belt

Wading belts are good for a number of reasons. First of all a good wading belt will keep water from filling up your waders if you should fall in or wade too deep. Nowadays wading belts are made to serve more than just to keep water out of your waders. Most wading belts now come with a net holder in the back for your longer handled nets that have become so popular. Quick access to your net is essential. Wading belts also have many places where you can attach small packs with your flies, leader/tippets, tools and much more. Fishpond has great Wading belt systems that can make your day just that much more pleasant.


Clamps/Forceps help you remove hooks from fish, crush barbs, cut your tippet, open and close split shots, tie knots, and more. Knowing what tasks you regularly perform stream-side will help you select the clamp(s) that best suit your angling needs. By using clamps/forceps to and a net you don’t have to physically handle fish. Trout especially should not be handled at all if possible.

Fly fishing aficionados can be particular about their fly fishing clamps. Some like them long, others prefer them short. Some choose straight clamps while others opt for curved ones. Once you have your chosen clamps, you will likely stick to them and no fly fishing trip will be complete without your clamps in your bag. You will also find clamps that are coated in titanium to withstand salt water.


Nippers are like nail clippers. They cut tag ends and strands of line and tippet and help you with hooks.

Quality fly fishing nippers should be non-slip for better grip and made of stainless steel to weather humidity.


If you are fly fishing with nymphs that sink in the water, you want to know whether fish have taken the bait. The easiest way is to attach an indicator to your fly line. When you catch your fish, the indicator will start wiggling.

Indicators are made of different materials that float on water, such as foam, cork, or yarn. There are many types of indicators, so ask a pro which ones are best for your fishing conditions.


If you want to carry all your accessories in a tidy fashion, you need a lanyard. Quality lanyards are perfect for docking your tools and equipment and will not stand in your way when you cast your line. Lanyards have clips and other smart docking options for your fly fishing tools, accessories, and equipment. They will hold your tools in place and keep them easily accessible when you need them. For instance, if you want to have quick access to your flies to attach them to your fly line and cast, then you need to place them in your lanyard.

Lanyards are made in such a way that they don’t swing when you move. This way, they will not impede your fly fishing. Instead of looking into your pockets and losing flies and fly lines, keep everything well organized and close at hand.

You can also buy a loaded lanyard. For example, this loaded Orvis lanyard comes with Comfy Grip Forceps, Comfy Grip Nippers, Hyflote Gel, Floatant Holder, Tippet Bar, and 3 spools of 30m SuperStrong Plus Tippet.

Fly Floatant

You want your dry flies to float on the water. To make sure they float perfectly, you can coat them in a fly floatant material that prevents your dry flies form sinking

Tippet Holder

Your fly is attached to the tippet. A tippet is an almost invisible filament placed at the end of the line, where you attach the fly. Because of your tippet’s light weight, the fly swims and floats in a more natural way to perfectly mimic the gentle and genuine movement of bugs and insects.

A tippet holder will hold on to your tippet dispensers and prevent them from getting tangled. Whenever you need a tippet to add to your line, you don’t need to look frantically into your pockets: your tippet holder has them all.


When you need to attach things to your vest, you need zingers. Wire cord zingers attach to your vest without making holes and help you hang tools and keep your accessories close at hand. You won’t need to search in pockets and backpacks: you only need your zingers and you have everything you want at close proximity.

Fly Fishing Accessories Will Make Your Life Easier

The more you get into fly fishing, the more you will want to invest in accessories to make your sport even more enjoyable. Even so, you don’t need to over-accessorize your fly fishing expedition. You only need to invest in essential fly fishing accessories that will make your fly fishing easier and more effective.

Fly fishing accessories have been developed by experts who understand how they can improve the fly fishing experience. From clamps and nippers to lanyards and zingers, invest in the best fly fishing accessories from specialized companies like Orvis and Umpqua and take your fly fishing experience to the next level!

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  • Orvis Gear Keeper Super Zinger


    The Orvis Gear Keeper Super Zinger is a Maximum strength super zinger with 40-lb. breaking strength Spectra cord with 3′ reach. Excellent for heavier gadgets or big forceps. Threaded stud attachment keeps it secure through webbing straps or fabric. Quick connect and disconnect for tools. The Orvis heavy duty retractor is saltwater resistant. 1 7/16″ x 1¼”.

  • Orvis Locking Net Retractor


    The Orvis Gear Keeper net retractor is another must have for the fly fisher.  very durable, will attach to just about anything. 42 inch nylon cable makes for a long reach.  Constructed with Stainless steel hardware. It has a 60lb breaking strength.  Made in the USA

  • Orvis Mitten Scissor Clamp


    Looking for an easy and convenient way to carry your scissors while you’re on the go? Look no further than the Orvis Mitten Scissor Clamp! These innovative clamps open and close with a simple squeezing motion, making them perfect for attaching to a pack or vest. They’re made of surgical stainless steel for lasting durability and feature a stealthy matte black finish that’s resistant to rust. Plus, the Comfy Grip handles provide extra tackiness for comfortable use. Whether you’re clearing out fishing line or cutting 0X-6X tippet the Orvis Mitten Scissor Clamp is an essential tool for any angler. The mitten clamp is perfect for when you’re wearing gloves during cold weather. The Orvis MittenScissoer clamp is a top seller for all anglers.


    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY

  • Orvis Ripcord Wading Staff


    Looking for a wading staff that is quick and easy to use, but can also easily prevent a wading disaster? Look no further than the Orvis Rip Cord Wading Staff. This four-section collapsible wading staff assembles in seconds and is built with light and strong 7075 aluminum and kernmantle climbing cord that won’t absorb moisture, fray, or stretch. The accessory kit includes a Delrin tip, fly retrieval hook tip, and tip-removal tool. The non-slip EVA grip foam grip provides a comfortable grip, while the built-in gear keeper retractor attaches the staff to the neoprene sheath. The sheath is easily attached to a wader belt.

    54″L. Collapsed length 18½”.

    Great Catch Guarantee insignia


    has been our commitment since 1856. It’s who we are. If you aren’t happy with a product or service, we want to know about it. And we’ll make it right. THAT’S THE ORVIS WAY.

  • Orvis Scissor Forceps – (Duplicate Imported from WooCommerce)


    Another collaboration between Orvis’s design staff and Loon Outdoors.  A rust resistant medical grade stainless steel hemostat. The comfy grip handles work great with wet hands. Half smooth, half serrated locking jaws. Comes with hook eye cleaner.

  • Orvis Wide Mouth Guide net-NEW for 2023


    Following the tried and true fishing guide advice of aiming for a larger target to land fish. The Orvis Wide Mouth Guide Net was created with an expanded hoop size across the yoke zone. This not only makes catching fish easier, but it also provides more space when you’re removing your fly from them – leading to a safer experience for everyone. Crafted from a special composite material that’s both lightweight and durable while remaining resistant to age, much like wood, this net also has a deep knotless bag that is hook proof. Plus, its 19½” handle length supports anglers on boats or walk-and-wade trips and is also compatible with our Guide Sling Pack or Bug-Out Backpack.

  • Orvis Wide Mouth Hand Net-NEW for 2023



    For the avid angler, a larger target presents an advantage – hence why we’ve increased the hoop size for our Wide-Mouth Net series across its yoke zone. Not only does this provide you with more space to catch your prey, but it’s also much easier to remove your fly safely from a bigger net. Plus, fish will be thankful too! Crafted from a special composite material that is lightweight yet durable enough to stand the test of time; the deeper net bag is knot-free and resistant to hooks. Additionally, there’s also an ergonomic handle at 9″ which provides convenience when wading.

  • TFO Springbrook Aluminum Collapsible Wading Staff



    TFO Springbrook Aluminum Collapsible Wading Staff

    The temple Fork Outfitters Springbrook aluminum wading staff is an excellent choice for anglers looking for added stability on the river. The staff is made from lightweight anodized aluminum tubing that is connected with an adjustable steel cable. It is compact yet durable enough to keep you from falls and slips.

    The staff comes with an ergonomic rubber grip handle and adjustable web wrist loop that attaches to the neoprene pouch. The removable rubber-coated recoil lanyard snaps to the wading staff and then to the storage pouch, the neoprene storage pouch easily slips onto most wading belts. Unscrew the aluminum cap to reveal a camera mounting post.

    The TFO Wading Staff is a great choice for anglers of all levels who are looking for added stability and safety on the river.

  • Vac Rac Quad Rack

    Vac Rac Quad Rack
    With a striking new design, the Quad Rack features two small manually activated vacuum bases per base, which offers a greater margin of safety over single vacuum bases and more than adequate holding power. The tall pillar allows for plenty of clearance between reels and the vehicle and can be bent to fit varying contours of a vehicle hood.
  • vac rac combi

    Vac Rack Combi Rac


    vac rac

    The Vac Rac Combi is the #1 ‘short haul’ external rod carrier on the market. Using powerful magnetic and patented Vacuum-on-Demand technology, the Combi offers convenience and affordability while securely transporting fishing gear between spots on the river or up and down the beach
  • Vac Rack Multi Rack

    Vac Rac Multi Vac

    The Original Vacuum rod rack. Developed and released onto the worldwide market in 1989, the Multi Vac has been the ‘go to’ rack for transporting rods up and down the beach, jumping between spots on the river or getting home after a day at the lake. Using a 4″ rubber vacuum base the Multi Vac will securely hold your gear to any smooth surface and will not damage the vehicle finish.