When: Starting Monday Mach 13th. (3 Monday Night sessions)

Time: 6-8pm @ Fly Fishing Outfitters

Cost: $125.00 for 3 sessions (includes tying tool kit, materials, and instruction)

Learn the basics of the art of tying flies from some of the valley’s best tiers. This 3-week course is designed for the person who has little or no experience. Our instructors will cover tying from the ground up. The tool kits are yours to keep.

Learning about Fly Tying

Session 1– Understanding the vise, tools, and materials. You will learn to tie a basic midge pattern.

Session 2 – Adding Beadheads and Learning to tie a Wooly Bugger.

Session 3 – Tying basic nymph patterns like the Prince Nymph, Pheasant Tail, and Hares Ear.

For more information and to reserve your spot please call 845-8090

Spaces will be limited to create a better learning environment. These sessions will be offered all winter!

Our fly tying classes will introduce:

  • Techniques to tie flies
  • Fly patterns
  • Proportioning fly to look and act on the water like a real bug
  • The variety of materials and tools
  • Tricks to fool fish into thinking your fly is a real insect