Matt Fletcher

Fly Fishing Guide

My name is Matt Fletcher, aka “Fletch.” I grew up in Northern Wisconsin chasing Bass, Panfish, Trout, and anything else that would put up a fight. I moved West after college in hopes of becoming a professional ski bum, 18 years later… mission accomplished!

After my first winter in the Valley, I was looking for summer work and joined the local’s fly shop here at Fly Fishing Outfitters. I’ve been guiding here ever since.

I guide because it’s the only way I can spend enough time on the water to satisfy my fishing addiction. Fly fishing and fly tying have always been an interest of mine and I was fortunate enough to spend a summer on the Conejos River, in Southern Colorado, working on a dude ranch my freshman year of college. All my free time was spent fishing and there was no turning back after that.

The Vail Valley is a special place to fish and guide. We have so much variety throughout the year with the Eagle, Colorado, and Roaring Fork rivers all within reach. We are fortunate to have so many options on any given day.

My personal favorite river is the Eagle River, located right in our backyard. Being a freestone river, it is constantly changing and always a good adventure. Nothing beats an early summer float trip on the Eagle.

One piece of advice I would give a struggling fly fisherman is to slow down and observe more. Find where the fish are, and how they are eating. Focus on getting your flies in front of the fish’s face, where they must eat or get out of the way. Spend more time on the water and less time on YouTube. It’s all about the drift… presentation, presentation, presentation.